Boost Your Business Telecoms with a Hosted Phone System

by Fraser Saunders

Work App

Can your business communicate and collaborate between different apps for those working in the office or from home? If your answer is no, our 8×8 Work app offers a solution by bringing together voice, chat, video meetings and team messaging into one secure platform for desktop and mobile users. The app allows users to make and receive calls from their office number, no matter where they are working and they can be used alongside a desk phone, so if you’re on an important call but need to head out of the office, just click on the app to flip the call to your mobile. The Work app also includes unlimited free calls to 47 countries and free calls to other Work users giving you even greater flexibility.


Video Calling

Video calling on the 8×8 Work desktop app is really easy and comes with a host of features: video call with up to 50 participants; add a security passcode; record meeting; live closed captions of speech; share screen and allow remote access. There are also options to manage meeting participants as the host.

You can set up a room to collaborate with your colleagues. Share files to room members and send messages to the room – mention colleagues with the @ tag to include other users in the messages.


Call Analysis

8×8 Work allows you to measure and review the analytical data of your team’s calls. Track the number of calls for each user, quality of calls, and other metrics around how the 8×8 hosted platform is being used by your team.




This data can be used to improve customer engagement, with the AI-powered analytics providing key business insights so you can understand how the system is being used by your teams.



The 8×8 platform is billed on a monthly per-user basis, so is easily scalable to meet the changing needs of your business. You can add a new user at any point which can be provisioned and ready to use much faster than a regular fixed-line. Just log in to the 8×8 Work app or connect a compatible desk phone for immediate access to the new digital Voice over IP (VoIP) connection.


Small businesses that switched to VoIP save 40% on local calls and 90% on international calls – TechCo


Support and Integration

Training is available for the use of the 8×8 suite, with instructional videos available on our resources page. Our telecoms support engineers are also always on hand to offer support and guidance with any of our 8×8 offerings should you need assistance.

8×8 Work integrates with Microsoft Teams and CRM systems to save you having to manage multiple communications systems simultaneously throughout your working day.


As workers transition back into the office, it is important for businesses to review their business phone systems and consider a hosted phone solution to strengthen communication and collaboration in the workplace whilst improving customer experience.

At UK IT Networks we offer a full demo and free trial for our 8×8 Work app with full access to the system alongside a simple onboarding process, training and continued support.

For more information, email our telecoms team at or call 0344 326 2151.

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