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Creating the best customer experience across all communication channels is paramount, especially where you do not have the advantage of face-to-face interaction. In these cases, it is even more important to deliver messages that are brand consistent and customer-centric.

70% of any businesses first contact with a supplier or customer is via the telephone so first impressions really count

What are Professional Voice Recordings?

Professional Voice Recordings are high-quality recordings created by professional voice actors used by businesses for TV, Radio, Promotional, and Communications purposes. Businesses can utilise professional recordings to deliver clear messages to their audience and set the tone for engagement.

How can Professional Voice Recordings be applied in Small to Medium Businesses? 

In a small to medium business, professional voice recordings can be useful. An enterprise of this size is likely to have much tighter budgets than a large corporation. At this capacity, professional voice recordings can be utilised for many applications including pre-recorded telephone messages or used as part of promotional campaigns. When done correctly, these voice recordings set the tone for the company. Choosing the right voice transforms the impression your audience absorbs and can bring your brand to life. An audience can tell how established, stable, and reputable a business is just by the voice they choose.

Our professional voice-over artists would agree. Tanya Rich believes professional voice recordings “are useful to businesses to give the right impression from the beginning. A skilled Voice Over Artist will understand your brand and give the continuity to customers that they require and deserve.”

Professional or Do-It-Yourself

When it comes to recording your messages, doing it yourself is not always the best way. Opting for a professional can bring more benefits than their voice alone. Most voice actors will have access to equipment and professional technology at their fingertips.  Usually, they will be able to edit and produce your recording too. There is a big difference in quality between recording audio on your iPhone and producing it in a studio.

Choosing the Right Voice

The quality and authority of the narrating voice can influence an audience’s perception of the message being delivered. You want the message to resonate with the listener, they need to understand what it is the recording is trying to get across. This comes down to how you want your brand voice to sound. The best way to make a decision is by listening to samples. Many professional voice actors will be able to provide samples of their work to encourage you to choose them. This is the time when you narrow down their eligibility. Ask yourself, do they sound like the brand you want them to represent?


If you are unsure where to start when looking for a professional voice artist, UK IT Networks can help. Our range of expert voice artists can fulfil the needs of your project whether you’re looking for a male, female or international voice. Interested in a Professional Voice Recording for your business? Email our sales team at or call 0344 324 8585 to speak with our sales team. 





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