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Non-Geographic Numbers

Take control of your Inbound telephony using a simple online Inbound Call Management platform.
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Inbound Call Management

Inbound is a cloud-based telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers providing you with online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools.


This service is available as a standalone Inbound numbering platform or as SIP Trunk Call Manager. We deliver all inbound numbering services through a simple online platform giving you full control to make changes instantly from any device.

Same Day Service

Our account managers have access to over 10,000 numbers and, depending on your requirements, can have you set up and routing via our Inbound Call Management platform the same day.

Tailored Call Plans

There are no limits to the number of call plans you can build against your numbers in Inbound. You can have a primary call plan, a disaster recovery call plan and other call plans scheduled to activate at different times in the year.

No Set Up Costs

There are no set up costs for our geographic and non-geographic numbers giving you quicker implementation and benefits for your business.

Advanced Reporting

You will have access to live call statistics and caller information such as productivity levels, call patterns and inbound call behaviours.

Inbound 08 and 03 Numbers

With our Inbound 08 and 03 Numbers there are no limits to the number of call plans you can build against your numbers in Inbound and you can access your numbers from anywhere using our user-friendly website.

0345/0333 Numbers

03 Numbers cost the same to call as a UK landline and offer you a low cost, non-geographic option to take advantage of the Inbound features. Costs are as little as 0.2 pence per minute to receive calls.

0800 080 Numbers

0800 Freephone numbers are free to call from landlines and mobiles and popular with callers. Costs to receive calls are as little as 1.3 pence per minute plus a mobile access levy for inbound mobile calls.

0845/084 Numbers

084 Numbers are excellent revenue generators to offset the costs of other areas of your business. Costing up to 7 pence per minute to call, revenues as high as 4.25 pence per minute can be generated.

0870/087 Numbers

087 Numbers are the highest revenue generators of the 08 number range. Predominantly used as professional services advice lines. Revenues of up to 8.25 pence per minute can be generated.

How can we help you?

Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently about. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Questions About Non-Geographic Numbers

What do I need to port my 08/03 number?

In order to port your 08/03 number to UK IT Networks, we need 3 documents, 2 of which completing.

  1. 1. A recent bill - this only needs to be the front page of your bill. We need this in order to complete the porting document. If we submit an incomplete porting document to your incumbent, they may well reject our request to move your 08 numbers. This may result in the delay of moving your numbers to us.
  2. 2. A signed sales order - this is our sales order, confirming the commercials and functionality that we are offering you.
  3. 3. A completed porting document - We complete the porting document and send it back to you to print off on your letterhead and sign. This is the authorisation document we submit, allowing us to move your 08/03 numbers to our platform.

Is it possible once I port my 08/03 number to add more numbers to our account?

Yes. Our numbers are ranked via a ‘star’ system. A 1* 08/03 number would be a standard grade number i.e. ending 6305, whereas a 5* 08/03 number may end in 9999. We do look to offer discounts on multiple number purchases, and therefore ask that you contact our sales team to discuss your requirements in more detail by contacting or calling 0844 324 8575.

Can 08/03 numbers route to a mobile or internationally?

All ported numbers can be pointed to a mobile, and an international destination. However, in doing this it will add an additional cost to your business to receive calls. You may want to look at a higher cost number such as 0871 which can absorb the diversion leg within the rebate. We can confirm what the cost would be by contacting or calling 0844 324 8575 We empower all our customers to re-direct their own 08/03 numbers. For each 08/03 number you move to us, you will have the functionality to re-direct your calls and you can also add a variety of over network services.

Can I change my ported 08/03 number?

We have worked with a number of customers to change their 08/03 number to a different numbering strategy. As an example, a revenue-generating number for a sales line, wouldn't have the same response as a 0800 or 03 number. Using our experience and technology we can set a time frame, and work with you to slowly phase out and replace with a new number.

What support do I get with my ported 08/03 number?

We are proud to still be offering a 24x7x365 UK based customer support team, in addition to a desk based account manager. We understand the impact it would have on your business if your 08/03 numbers stopped working. For this reason it is important to us, to ensure that communications are not jeopardised by routing the calls over-seas.

What is the up-time guarantee on my 08/03 number if I port it to UK IT Networks?

All our 08/03 numbers are provided with a 99.995% up-time guarantee for delivery of voice.

How long does it take to port my 08/03 numbers?

Porting should take no longer than 4 weeks to complete. However, sometimes it can take longer for your incumbent to complete the porting documentation, which we need to submit to the networks. If the 08 porting document is delayed this can delay the time it takes to port your number.

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Inbound Call Management

Make your inbound call routing simple using our Inbound platform.

Pricing options for Inbound 08 and 03 Numbers and related products

03 Numbers

1 pence per minute

£1.00 per month number rental

Free number connection

Inbound call routing platform

Mobile app


0800 Freephone

2.5 pence per minute

£1.00 per month number rental

Free number connection

Inbound call routing platform

Mobile app


0844 Numbers

2.5 pence per minute

£1.00 per month number rental

Free number connection

Inbound call routing platform

Mobile app


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“We have always found that UK IT Networks will go the extra mile to resolve issues and combining our IT services under one umbrella makes our communication more efficient.”

“With 8×8, our employees can all talk to each other across different sites at the click of a button. UK IT Networks are proactive when responding to issues – problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.”

“Great customer services and account management with a great range of services available for all communications requirements. They grow with your requirements with no restrictions. Simply a great company to deal with.”

“First class from start to finish, I explained my requirements and was given a choice of speeds and services, along with the prices of each. All came through to sign off and installation dates were provided.”

“We recently moved our NGN Platform into the control of UK IT Networks, this has been a great move for our company. Not only has this saved us money on our existing setup but will continue to save us money as we move forward with them.”

“As a busy office products company who takes over 100 telephone orders per day UK IT Networks are a vital supplier. Their pricing is very competitive but much more important to us is the level of customer services that they provide, world-class, fast efficient and friendly.”

“We have formed strong professional relationships with UK IT Networks and, in an age where call centres prevail, it is refreshing to know who you are talking to and with a company who truly understands your organisation and its particular challenges.”

“Partnering with UK IT Networks has meant that communications between our sites are now seamless and most importantly, their expert account management team are on hand anytime we need them to help us make the most out of the hosted phone system they have supplied us with.”

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