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Horizon Cloud PBX

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An increasing number of companies are moving away from a traditional PBX to a hosted solution, taking advantage of all the benefits that fixed and mobile cloud-based telephony has to offer, including flexibility, cost savings, and multi-layered security.

Horizon Home Working System
Cost Savings

Switching to a hosted phone system can save you money with lower UK and international call costs, and no outlays for expensive hardware, installation and ongoing maintenance.


A hosted phone system offers you greater flexibility and control to make changes to your communications infrastructure, supporting your business as it adapts and grows.

Work From Anywhere

Horizon Cloud PBX allows you to work from anywhere, giving your business the flexibility of working from home, on the go, and remotely.

Simple Management Tools

You can manage your entire business communications from multiple sites and individual users via a simple interface with 24/7 support.

Business Continuity

A hosted phone system offers you a reliable and resilient solution, with full business continuity features to minimise redundancy.

Increased Productivity

Horizon Hosted PBX can increase your levels of business productivity and customer service delivery with a comprehensive range of communication and reporting features.

Horizon Hosted Phone System

Horizon offers a range of product options for your Windows desktop laptop, Android, or iOS devices ensuring that your colleagues and customers are always in contact.

Horizon Home Working System
Soft Client

The Horizon Desktop Client lets you connect your office phone to your preferred business devices, such as a laptop or PC, and works seamlessly with the Horizon service and mobile client when handling calls remotely. Features such as Presence and Instant Messaging provide alternative ways of communicating with your colleagues.

Horizon Integrator

Horizon Integrator gives you control over your Horizon telephone system service from your desktop and provides interaction with programs such as Microsoft Outlook ® and Skype for Business ®. Features allow you to preview calls (available from Outlook), make calls instantly from your screen (available from Outlook), and give you desktop control with Call History, Call Forward, Presence, and many more. You can also take the integration software a step further with the Integrator CRM, compatible with over 20 of the top CRM packages including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Management Reporting

Horizon offers you call management reporting with a leading hosted call management service provider letting you export the statistics you need to help manage your business. Features include multi-site monitoring, real-time call-traffic information, and alarms, accessibility from desktop or mobile services, cradle-to-grave reporting, abandoning call recovery and many more.

How can we help you?

Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently about. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Questions about Horizon Cloud PBX

Am I able to record my calls?

Listening to your customers can offer a valuable insight into your organisation: maximising customer service, helping with staff training, and ensuring peace of mind when it comes to due diligence. Gamma’s intuitive and secure call recording solution is deeply integrated with Horizon’s cloud platform, giving direct control to you over both your telephony and your call recording solution.

  • One intuitive software service – recordings can be accessed, downloaded and noted on from one web login.
  • Record the speaker, not the number – Advanced Call Recording will record your users, whether they are speaking on a mobile, office phone, or soft client.
  • Order and use on a native cloud platform – you’ll have a scalable investment, with a clear, usage based payment structure.

What's the call quality like?

Call quality, as with any communications system, is clearly dependent on the underlying access available. With our Ethernet and Broadband products delivering the service to your locations, you can be assured of great voice quality, underpinned by some of the most stringent SLAs in the business.

How do I present my company more professionally?

Horizon is the perfect platform for organisations that require a professional and simple-to-use interface with the outside world. Schools, public sector organisations, major venue and event operators; each has its own challenges in terms of maintaining staffing levels, training and cost, with the result that often it’s the first line of communications that suffers. Horizon is simple to set up and use and it lets you present a simple, flexible and, above all, totally professional image.

How do I rationalise my site?

A site survey is a useful exercise as it enables superfluous services and hardware to be identified, highlighted and considered during the decision-making process. As a cloud-based telephony platform, Horizon lets you dispense with a physical PBX and the associated cost of maintenance and it requires only the simple installation of on-site handsets. For larger, multi-sited customers the savings made will clearly be multiplied. Of course, as well as working seamlessly with Gamma’s SIP, Ethernet and Broadband products, Horizon can interface with legacy connections too, making it the totally flexible solution.

Is it expensive to install?

With only a minimal capital outlay required, Horizon is suitable for any size of business looking to improve its productivity and image.

What is hosted telephony?

A telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone with headset. Calls are made/received over a broadband connection to the Gamma network. From there they are routed to PSTN fixed and mobile devices.

What are the financial benefits?

There is no up-front spend on hardware or software plus hosted telephony means no costly PBX maintenance or upgrades as we are responsible for the hardware and software, including system upgrades. You can also access low-cost and free IP calling.

What level of control does hosted telephony give us?

A huge amount – your organisation’s entire communications, across multiple sites and countries, can be managed easily, right down to the individual user level, through a simple interface.

Is voice now an IT department responsibility?

Yes, business is changing: Nine times out of ten we will be talking to IT managers. You hardly see telecoms managers in business any more as voice increasingly sits under the IT umbrella.

Can we link applications together seamlessly?

You are able to link your desktop, office phone, mobile phone, Instant Messaging, CRM and other apps for a total unified communications solution, delivered by our network.

What CRMs can Horizon integrate with?

Horizon has a considerable number of integrations and a very useful TAPI driver as well, in fact we have so many that they need their own webpage, browse our integration content.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Horizon Cloud PBX

Hosted telephony is a cloud-based telephony platform for efficient call handling and business continuity.

Pricing options for Horizon Hosted Phone Systems and related products

Horizon Collaborate

£4.95 per month*

Work From Anywhere

HD Voice, Mobile and Desktop Client

Instant Messaging, Video Conferencing

Collaborate via Screen Share


Horizon User Licence

From £10.95

Cloud VoIP Monthly User Subscription

Easy Setup with Plug-and-play Devices

Retain Existing Phone Numbers

Inclusive UK Calls to 01, 02, 03 and 07 Destinations


Horizon Hardware Options


Polycom VVX Range

Cisco MPP Range

Yealink DECT Devices

Sennheiser Headsets

Poly Blackwire Headsets


* Horizon User License is required

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“We have always found that UK IT Networks will go the extra mile to resolve issues and combining our IT services under one umbrella makes our communication more efficient.”

“With 8×8, our employees can all talk to each other across different sites at the click of a button. UK IT Networks are proactive when responding to issues – problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.”

“Great customer services and account management with a great range of services available for all communications requirements. They grow with your requirements with no restrictions. Simply a great company to deal with.”

“First class from start to finish, I explained my requirements and was given a choice of speeds and services, along with the prices of each. All came through to sign off and installation dates were provided.”

“We recently moved our NGN Platform into the control of UK IT Networks, this has been a great move for our company. Not only has this saved us money on our existing setup but will continue to save us money as we move forward with them.”

“As a busy office products company who takes over 100 telephone orders per day UK IT Networks are a vital supplier. Their pricing is very competitive but much more important to us is the level of customer services that they provide, world-class, fast efficient and friendly.”

“We have formed strong professional relationships with UK IT Networks and, in an age where call centres prevail, it is refreshing to know who you are talking to and with a company who truly understands your organisation and its particular challenges.”

“Partnering with UK IT Networks has meant that communications between our sites are now seamless and most importantly, their expert account management team are on hand anytime we need them to help us make the most out of the hosted phone system they have supplied us with.”

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