Mental Health Awareness Week

by UK IT Networks

How have UK IT Networks considered Mental Health and Wellbeing during the pandemic?

As an initiative to get more of us moving, we offered discounted Fitbit’s. This sparked a Fitbit challenge – who could cover the most steps/mileage each week? Whether running, walking, or cycling we encouraged each other to get involved and get outside. According to

“During the first lockdown, 45% of people believe that being in green spaces was vital for their mental health, and going for walks outside was one of the top coping strategies.”

The competition continued back at the office. Wherever anyone could get in a few extra steps they would, with going for walks at lunchtime becoming more popular. This competitive spirit carried through to our quiz nights. After the government’s encouragement to work from home, our leadership team looked at ways to keep us together whilst working apart. Our Managing Director, Ram suggested a Friday night quiz. We would get together on a virtual platform, catch up and have fun. Quiz rounds including riddles and jokes continued the light-heartedness we were so used to in the office.



Transition Back to Office

To continue to support our staff during these uncertain times, we support their decisions about when they want to return to office – not only to comply with social distancing but to help our staff adjust to a new normal. Catch-ups between staff and line managers happen daily, whether through our video conferencing platform Horizon, or face to face with social distancing. This provides us with an opportunity to discuss work but, if necessary, have conversations without limits. There is a genuine community within the workforce and innate care towards each other.

How does UK IT Networks provide continued health and wellbeing support?

We have put building blocks into place to support our staff by providing access to a healthcare partner and other resources. We use these as we need- no questions asked. The mobile application allows for privacy and provides around-the-clock support.

Looking to the future

Continuing to invest in our colleagues is important to us. All colleagues work on a personal development plan, allowing them to set their own goals and work towards achievements. This creates focus and encourages drive. Celebrating success is essential, and seeing our staff achieve really lifts us all. At the office, we are transforming how we operate by endorsing our hybrid working with adjustments to our working environment. We believe that giving our employees this flexibility and improving their work environment can benefit their mental health.

Our Values

Approachable | Dedicated | Accountable | Professional | Trustworthy

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