Why Your Business Needs an IT Support Package

by Fraser Saunders

Technology enables businesses of all sizes to stay productive, competitive, reduce costs and maximise efficiency. For the vast majority of the time technology makes things easier and less stressful however when technology goes wrong it can cause major disruption, especially for small and medium enterprises. Technological faults can interrupt customer services and prevent your team from carrying out essential procedures. Shockingly, 27% of businesses do not have IT support in place even though an average of 149 million business hours are wasted every year due to downtime.

As businesses have restructured their operations to support remote working and digital transformation, having reliable technology will be the key to survival. Here we explain some of the ways an IT Support Package can support a business. 


Remote IT Support

Remote IT support packages provide businesses with direct access to the support of a team of knowledgeable engineers who are able to quickly diagnose and resolve issues with your technologies, without having to visit your location.

As engineers are able to resolve the majority of issues remotely there is less need for site visits, saving considerable time and money for the business. No matter how small the problem may seem, remote engineers are usually able to resolve the issue, allowing you to get back to work. Engineers can liaise with third-party software companies on your behalf if there is trouble with a system and are available for out of hours calls when support is needed outside of office hours.


On-Site Support

Although most issues can be resolved remotely, there are some cases where an on-site visit is required, such as hardware setup, server installation, or network maintenance. In this case, an engineer will need to visit your premises. However, they will work with you to minimise disruption to your business, carrying out the visit overnight or at weekends if required.

Engineer callouts are required for either the installation or repair of hardware, or for regular proactive visits. These proactive visits are recommended for businesses so that engineers can maintain services to prevent issues that may be caused by poorly managed technologies. By being proactive, downtime is prevented and therefore your business can run without unexpected interruption.


IT Infrastructure

The IT infrastructure of an organisation can also lead to service interruption if there are connectivity or configuration problems. This is why reliable IT support teams will constantly monitor your systems and proactively respond to faults, often before there is any noticeable effect on your connection.

As well as on-site services, engineers will also track the status of your cloud-hosted systems and access for remote workers. If your IT support team also host your email, web or file servers, they are able to manage these services remotely and issues can be resolved much faster.

By having your IT support and business telecoms managed by a company that specialises in both of these aspects of communications, connectivity issues are easier to diagnose and much faster to resolve. The IT and telecoms teams work in synergy to resolve your issue as quickly and effectively as possible so your team can get back to work.


At UK IT Networks, our engineers have a wealth of knowledge that covers all aspects of business IT support and maintenance, such as IT security, cloud-hosted services, IP phone systems, and wireless network installation. They can resolve most issues remotely and will work with you if a callout or downtime is required. Our friendly engineers can discuss the best options for your situation and build a bespoke, scalable package to suit your needs.

They can also advise on the best options for hardware and infrastructure upgrades to meet your requirements and budget. Our engineers are available 24 hours as part of our emergency support agreements, so no matter when you are working they will be able to resolve any problems you may face.

To find out more about our IT support packages, speak to one of our team by calling 0344 326 2150 or email itsales@ukitnetworks.com.

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