Thousands of Small/Medium Businesses are Switching to Cloud Contact Centres – Here’s Why You Should Too

by Fraser Saunders

Businesses are faced with more digital systems than ever before. Separate platforms are used to make phone calls, manage online web-chats, schedule call-backs, track inbound queues, and display wallboards.

Cloud-based contact software can bring all of these systems into one easy to use platform which can be accessed from a web browser, no matter where the agent is working.

Many business owners are hesitant to transfer their processes to a new system, so that’s why we have compiled some of the most common concerns for business owners considering a move to a consolidated platform.


“Contact Centres are Too Complex for a Small Business”

Cloud-based contact centres are an omnichannel approach for managing customer interactions, so bringing your contact channels into one system will simplify interactions, no matter the size of your business.

With our packages starting from just 2 users, a business of any size can take advantage of a contact centre platform.


“Contact Centres are Too Expensive for a Small Business”

Our packages have a simple licencing model; just pay for the Agent and Supervisor licences that you require, and add more as you need them.

There are no financing costs, no major hardware purchases, and no software installations to arrange. The platform can simply be launched in an agent’s web browser.


“We Cannot Afford to Have Downtime for Software Updates”

As a cloud-based platform, when a user loads the system through their web browser they will always be running the latest version of the software.

Furthermore, our system is built on an architecture that will deliver at least a 99% uptime SLA across four data centres.


“My Team do not All Work in the Same Office Together”

Users only need an internet connection to be able to access our platform through their web browser, so can work collaboratively through the contact centre no matter where they are. 

Although the system is compatible with any Horizon handset, calls can also be made and received through our soft client on any device.


Horizon Contact is a cloud-based contact centre solution that simplifies multi-channel customer interaction through an easy to use, self-service feature set. Perfect for small to medium-sized businesses, this platform allows agents and supervisors to interact with customers from one simple software accessed through your web browser. 

Integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce CRM to link a contact’s details for immediate access, connect to the platform from anywhere through your web browser, and add users to your package whenever they are needed.


Want to find out more about how Horizon Connect can improve communications for your business? Check out our Horizon Contact page, email us at or call us on 0344 326 2150 to speak to one of our team. 

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