Building Smarter and Safer Spaces in Schools

by Jess Parry

The health impact of vaping


According to the British Heart Foundation, “More people may be using them, but e-cigarettes are not harm-free. According to a study published in Environmental Science & Technology in 2016, “the vapour also has harmful emissions, including possible carcinogens and irritants, though at a lower level than cigarettes.” Combining these two technologies has risks that are not completely understood yet. Furthermore, since these devices are small and discrete, physical monitoring is much harder than with traditional cigarettes. In order to detect these harmful particles, you require a device that can do so.


How will the SV11 Sensor benefit your school?

Monitor Anywhere
  • Access footage and events from any computer or mobile device with no downloads required
Automatic Updates
  • Automatic firmware updates keep hardware up-to-date and cyber secure
Device Health & Status
  • Always know the health and status of your devices, including offline or low power alerts
Native Video Integration
  • Access control, alarms, and sensors integrate seamlessly with camera feeds for added context
Simple to Set Up
  • No NVRs/DVRs, thick clients or added configurations – just a PoE connection
Share Feeds Instantly
  • In an emergency situation, easily share links of live camera footage via SMS or email

How it works when pairing with Cameras

Private Areas

Vaping and Smoking often occur in spaces like restrooms and locker rooms. This is usually the case for schools, where students will vape in discreet places, such as toilet cubicles.

To ensure there is still privacy taken into consideration, the cameras are placed outside of these areas and positioned at a point of entry. When reviewing events, this will allow users to see who comes and goes, during particular incidents.

Public Areas

When it comes to non-private areas, such as classrooms, hallways and any other open spaces, users may place sensors and cameras in the same area at their your own discretion.

To ensure you have the best context and visibility, the cameras should be positioned towards areas of particular interest. This can include directly under where the sensor is and where vaping/smoking behaviour is likely to occur.

What you can do to combat vaping on school premises

The World Health Organization recommended that e-cigarettes be banned from public indoor areas and anywhere smoking is prohibited in 2016.  This is a challenge since ordinary smoke detectors cannot detect vaping.

The sensor must be designed in order to detect movement and organic compounds in the air to determine if someone is vaping or smoking indoors.

The SV11 Environmental Sensor is an ideal solution for all-in-one monitoring. You will be notified of changes in noise, air quality, temperature, humidity, or motion in the room by this device.

With our web-based management platform, you have access to customise your monitoring and receive alerts each time an accident occurs.

Minimal Bandwidth Impact

Cameras send encrypted thumbnails to the cloud and stream only when actively viewed

Unlimited Cloud Archiving

Store clips in the cloud indefinitely and easily share archived events with key stakeholders.

Centralised Management

Bring footage across sites into one dashboard and grant secure access to your entire team.

Strengthen Safety, Simplify Ownership

Instantly detect important activity and shorten incident response time from days to seconds with best-in-class security technology.

Increase Security with 24/7 Monitoring

With on-demand professional monitoring, you can rest assured your facilities are protected around the clock.

We provide real-time monitoring and video verification in order to detect and respond to threats quickly and effectively.

Key Features

Shorten incident response time from days to seconds with best-in-class security technology.

Live Access Feeds
Floor Plans
People & Vehicle Analytics
Time lapse
Live Links
Secure Data
Monitor activity with a live feed of access-based events
    • View a rolling feed of live activity across facilities.
    • Identify users accessing and exiting-based activities
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Visualise meaningful activity across floor plans
  • Effectively respond to incidents with real-time motion plotting
  • Preview live footage and environmental readings from a single view
  • Click into any device to review historical footage or readings
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Find person & vehicles of interest using various attributes
  • Search for individuals using clothing colour and appearance
  • Search for vehicles by colour, body type, or make
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Watch hourly or daily time lapses of activity in frame
  • Playback threaded thumbnails to monitor activity progress
  • View 24 hours of footage in under 30 seconds
  • Reveal bounding boxes when scrolling over time lapse footage
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Share secure access to camera footage with authorised users
  • Share access to sites and camera feeds via link or SMS
  • Select duration of time that viewers can access footage
  • Easily add, edit, or revoke user access
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Thoughtfully Designed

Our devices are built to be secure, starting with the hardware to the systems that store data.

Durable Design

Tamper Detection

Trusted Manufactures

Firmware Signing

End-to-End Encryption

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