How to Support Remote Contact Centre Agents Effectively

by Fraser Saunders

Working from home comes with a host of benefits for workers: an improved work/life balance, less time and money spent on commuting and greater working flexibility to name but a few. However, this makes it more difficult for contact centre managers to monitor agents and ensure consistency for callers.

There are several challenges that accompany contact centre agents working remotely. However, each one has a resolution that is simple to introduce so you can focus on maintaining customer satisfaction. Let’s explore these challenges one at a time.


How to Support Agents when Working Remotely

Supporting agents to ensure customer satisfaction is much more difficult when teams are working remotely. Integrate call recordings into your auditing system to review interactions and score your agents with evidence. You can use these recordings to identify where agents could improve and adjust procedures where required to improve customer satisfaction.

While updating knowledge and upskilling in a customer contact role is crucial, it can also be difficult to identify potential training areas when employees are working away from the office. Regular, tangible reviews can help determine areas of development for an individual or team by comparing across a standard. You can also use random samples of call recordings or other customer interactions to analyse employee performance and establish where a lack of training may be affecting the customer’s experience.


How to Increase Motivation Levels for Contact Centre Agents Working from Home

Motivation and efficiency are both factors to consider when employees are working remotely. Some work best when in the comfort of their own home, whereas others struggle to find motivation. Competitions between agents have always been commonplace, but the shift to remote working needs an equal shift in the competitions. Gamification brings everyone in a team into a game where they compete head-to-head to be top of the leaderboard for dimensions such as the highest call time or the average customer satisfaction score.

This kind of gamification also promotes the successes of agents and highlights outstanding achievements. Assign badges and stickers to ensure everyone knows who the Customer Satisfaction Superhero or Email Exemplar of the month is. You can customise these categories to fit perfectly to your requirements.


How Integrated Auditing can Improve the Success of Remote Contact Centre Agents

Auditing your agents is essential to maintaining consistency, motivation and customer satisfaction, particularly with a remote or hybrid workforce. With a suite of tools such as the scorecard builder, gamification, and score calibration, AuditWise makes keeping track of your contact centre more accessible than ever. Powerful analytics allow you to identify trends in auditing scores and highlight where improvements can be made.

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