Why Now is the Time to Switch to a Cloud Hosted Business Phone System

by UK IT Networks

What is a Cloud-Based Business Phone System?

In a cloud-based system, there is no physical PBX at your office, instead, it’s housed and handled by the provider. In this instance, the business usually pays a monthly fee and lets the provider deal with maintaining and upgrading the PBX technology. People still like to talk – the difference now is that what we use to make and receive these calls has changed; landlines are out, voice over the internet is in.

66 per cent of customers prefer to communicate with a company via phone, with only 28 per cent preferring chat or messaging. – Zendesk

PSTN Switch Off

In 2025 the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) switch-off will take full effect, impacting homes and businesses across the UK. Post-2025, every phone line in the UK will be digital and will route calls over IP (Internet Protocol) rather than the traditional PSTN. Landlines have been the backbone of the UK’s phone networks for decades, but dramatic rapid change in technology over the last decade has affected the capabilities of the infrastructure that makes things work. Not only are legacy landlines expensive due to line rental costs and setup fees, but they will soon also become obsolete. From September 2023, businesses will no longer be able to purchase any ISDN and PSTN-based solutions, and from 2025, BT Openreach will shut PSTN down completely.

 42% of SMEs report that they still use analogue lines to transmit data. That’s around 2.4 million businesses in the UK.

The removal of phone lines is not just affecting calls but everything that runs through them. For example, door entry systems and alarms that are currently operated through phone lines will be affected. Planning your migration early takes all of this into consideration, and gives you more opportunity to settle before the nationwide switch starts. Many businesses are already welcoming an all-digital model, moving their communications to the cloud, making calls over the internet and embracing video conferencing.

Types of VoIP System

Understanding options for a VoIP system will aid in deciding which business phone system is best for you. On-premise VoIP relies on a PBX, housed at the business location and managed in-house by a dedicated team. Typically, this is best for larger businesses, as they prefer to have complete control over their phone system and have the capabilities to support it. On the other side, cloud-based systems have no physical PBX at your office, instead, it is housed and handled by an external provider. This is better for small and micro-businesses that don’t have the IT resources or budget to invest in an on-premise PBX, as the entire system can be handled remotely. For small businesses that had adopted IP Voice, the average saving was 31 per cent of total telephony costs when compared to ISDN lines each year.

For small businesses, the average saving was 31 per cent of total telephony costs when compared to ISDN lines each year.

Which System is Right for you?

A cloud-based phone system is without a doubt the best option for micro-businesses that don’t require multiple lines, or extensive features to conduct their business. It is easy to set up and use, requiring no additional IT resources and no upfront costs – making it an affordable option for even the smallest business. You won’t be tied to your desk
to talk to your customers, you can be available anytime, anywhere – you’ll just need an internet connection.

Pros of a Cloud-based VoIP

  • No upfront costs or hardware
  • Minimal onsite equipment
  • Easy to scale and upgrade if necessary
  • No need for in-house staff maintenance
  • Flexibility to use it anywhere and any time


Save time and work smarter with a cloud-based phone system. PhoneLine+ is the feature-rich voice calling solution, designed to replace your traditional landline service using the latest VoIP technology. The user-friendly platform includes; live availability status updates, device management, admin controls and call management.

Avoid waiting until the last moment and switch early to PhoneLine+. See how the platform could work for your business with a demo or free trial. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0344 326 2150 or email enquiries@ukitnetworks.com.

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