VoIP System: Transforming Communication after the ISDN Switch-Off

by UK IT Networks

In 2015, Openreach announced plans to switch off ISDN lines, with purchases finishing in 2023, and the switch off taking place in 2025. What does this mean? Removing legacy from the Openreach network and replacing it with modern communication services such as a VoIP system is a smart move, as already the world is embracing IP as the standard protocol for communications. For businesses, this means that a switch from traditional landlines to digital could mean they need to evaluate their means of communicating internally and with the outside world.

What is ISDN?

ISDN – Integrated Services Digital Network, is a set of digital communication standards that allow both voice and data services to be delivered over digital lines simultaneously. Launching in the 1980s, ISDN was revolutionary for businesses as it supported early video-conferencing systems at the same time as an analogue phone line. It could also offer the fastest internet access available, 128 kbps at the time. However, since ISDN is no longer the first choice for video conferencing (Covid-19 has propelled the popularity and need for hosted telephony platforms) or a fast internet connection, its USP has quickly been eroded.

Welcome to the Age of the VoIP System

Openreach is moving its entire voice network to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). The switch shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing, for businesses in particular this switch from traditional phone systems to new internet-based telephone lines is transformative, outdated tech is no longer needed, As a result, businesses will be able to enjoy the benefits of high-speed communication that utilises broadband, takes advantage of the flexibility and allows you to carry your number with you around the world.

What is a VoIP System?

VoIP is a proven platform for communications and the delivery of multimedia sessions. A VoIP system allows calls, messaging, video conferencing, hosted meetings, call management, auto attendant, call analytics and call forwarding all in one platform.

Many businesses may be sceptical about their need for a VoIP system, however, there are many more benefits to VoIP systems than just calls and messaging.

Introducing 8×8 Work

8×8 Work is a cloud-based VoIP system that brings together voice communications, video meetings, and team messaging onto your desktop, PC or smartphone. 8×8 work brings integrated communication and collaboration to every employee, and with the convenience to do more from anywhere and any device, your business communications will be streamlined, transforming your organisation and empowering your employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Features of 8×8 Work:
  • Easy Administration – management from inside the application, seamlessly increase or decrease licences based on your businesses needs.
  • Simplified Call Management – Give callers the option to stop waiting on hold, provide their phone number and receive an automatic call-back as soon as it’s their turn, eliminating long hold times and boosting caller satisfaction.
  • Powerful Analytics – monitor call history, caller behaviour and call times in the easy to navigate user interface.
  • Chat, voice and email – all from one application. Integrate 8×8 Work into your existing platforms easing your experience across various systems.

What if I already have apps in place?

8×8 work integrates all business communications into one platform, eliminating the need to switch between apps and devices keeping employees productive and moving forward.

What if I can’t afford a VoIP system as an SMB?

With the ISDN switch fast approaching, it is inevitable that you will need to switch to a VoIP system. Making investments now and adopting a new system early avoids the switch off rush and price tag. As well as this, accessing the same sophisticated, full-featured business communications tools as a larger business has been limited in the past, fortunately, cloud-based services that bring together phone, collaboration and contact center capabilities help level the playing field and open new doors to opportunity for smaller businesses.

For small businesses, the average saving was 31% of total telephony costs when compared to ISDN lines each year.
What if my team and I work between home and office?

8×8 work is mobile and accessible as it can be downloaded onto mobile, desktop and PC. The app works anywhere with internet connectivity. For those unexpected times when you have to leave the office, downloading the 8×8 app onto your mobile allows you to carry on working wherever you are, the same as if you are in the office.

Things to Consider Before the ISDN Switch Off

Before the ISDN switch off there are a few things to consider. Now you are aware of the alternative VoIP system, consider when your business will begin the switch, how you will move forward and if your solution will work in the future.

When should I switch?

Be proactive! Instead of waiting for the switch off to take place and rushing to implement and roll out a brand new system, join early adopters and begin using an all-in-one platform now. With UK IT Networks VoIP system solutions, futureproof your business now. Even if you have time left with your previous provider, consider how quickly things can change and talk to us today to discuss your options.

How will you move forward with VoIP?

Consider your chosen solution and how you can move forward with this. Will your chosen solution still fit into your future plans? If you choose to implement full-time home working, will your chosen platform support? When you speak to our team at UK IT Networks, we discuss your requirements and ensure that the solution fits your needs today and into the future.

Will your chosen solution work well into the future?

The ISDN switch-off is taking place because of newer, better technologies that can withstand modern demand. That’s a big sign that technology is always evolving as our demands increase. As such, you must ensure that your chosen replacement will be suitable for years to come, with high levels of flexibility and adaptability.

Avoid waiting until the last moment and switch early to a VoIP System. At UK IT Networks we discuss all of your requirements ensuring we deliver a VoIP solution that works for your business now and into the future. We partner with leaders in the industry to deliver smart, reliable and flexible communication and collaboration platforms across all business sizes, sectors and locations. Contact our team today on 0344 326 2150 or email enquiries@ukitnetworks.com

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