The Advantages Of Having a Business Mobile

by Jess Parry

With the world becoming more mobile, businesses must adapt their communication strategies to suit the new business environment.

Your work environment will be transformed with the use of business mobiles.

By providing your team with their own business mobiles, you’ll notice an increase in productivity and know that your team is always reachable even when they are out of the office.

Work From Home
In a world where more and more businesses are working from home, upgrading to business mobile phones makes sense. From home, employees can easily contact their colleagues, customers, and prospects. In addition, you can arrange for them to have access to inbound calls while they are working from home.

Working From Home_UK IT Networks

Flexible Working Environements_UK IT Networks

Flexible Working Environments
Give your employees the ability to work flexibly through a mobile business phone. Even when your employees aren’t sitting at their desk, a business mobile plan allows them to stay connected while they work remotely or commute.
One Network
Most businesses struggle with consumer mobiles because of the variety of contract lengths, network providers, and tariffs. When you switch to business mobile phones, all of your employees can use the same handset for the same contract term on one network, using the same tariff.

One Network_UK IT Networks

Future Proof Your Business_UK IT Networks

Future Proof
In the face of the looming 2025 ISDN switchoff and a growing number of businesses working from home, it is vital that your business telecoms meet the needs of your business in the future. By introducing business mobiles into your workplace you can ensure your business will not be affected when the UK switches off its ISDN network.
Establish Business Continuity
Would you agree that it’s important to keep consistency throughout your business? By introducing business mobiles to your company, you can manage a fleet of employee mobiles under one account. There’s no need to complicate things, with one unified solution you can ensure the process is nice and easy.

Establish Business Continuity_UK IT Networks

Improve Customer Service_UK IT Networks

Improve Customer Service

It’s been said from top customer experience experts that businesses need to expand at least half of their energy and time on mobile experience in order to stay competitive. Set the bar for your businesses customer service by letting your customers know your team are available at all times to help.

Customers will always appreciate and be happy to work with a company who are always available to answer their questions and concerns. You could end up losing a large portion of your customer base by having limited opening hours.


For clients always on the move, a 5G network offers greater security to work from anywhere with reduced buffering and slow load times.

Consumer journeys will be enhanced, digital transformation will be accelerated, trust levels with partners will be improved, and profitability will be measurable.

UK IT Networks 5G

We have partnered with UK’s top 4 mobile networks, allowing us to bring you a mobile contract built specifically for your business.

As an experienced business to business mobile phone provider, we can offer flexible tariffs, UK-based support, a one-bill solution* and our Mobile Tariff Optimiser – automatically adjusts a clients tariff to their usage.

*Not available on EE as billed directly from the network.

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