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Voice Push

Voice Push Solution

Imagine contacting your entire customer base within a single day? Using Voice-Push you can do just that.

We believe a human voice is a more personal way of delivering messages to your customers and can add an extra dimension of viability.

Voice Push is a pre-recorded message that can be delivered simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of people via a telephone, landline or mobile. These messages are a cost effective way of communicating with your customers and can be highly targeted to provide a compelling message.

By introducing an interactive menu, recipients can record a message or, by using their keypad, select from a range of menu options or be routed to a call centre. You can also access a range of additional voice solutions through Voice Push such as payment solutions and IVR surveys.

Voice Push can turn a demotivated outbound contact centre into an inspired, upbeat team who are receiving calls when their callers are able to respond to them.

We have existing customers that continue to see a return on investment of over 500% by using Voice Push within their contact centres by offering a simple ‘press 1 to speak with one of our advisors’ inbound menu.

Features And Benefits


Messages can be changed whenever you require without having to order a costly reprint of direct mail or having to retrain call centre staff

Bespoke Customer Experience

Voice Pushes can have pre-uploaded bespoke fields with customer details, delivering a unique message to each send. i.e. ‘This is a call for “Customer Name”, we’d like to discuss your account…’

Campaign ROI

Monitor the success of each of your campaigns as they happen via the user interface portal. Stats such as call outcome are all available in almost real-time

Cost Management

Save on contact centre overheads, marketing prints and training; by customising voice broadcasts on the move from anywhere

Why Voice Push For Your Business?

The overheads associated with running a contact centre are considerable in modern day business practice. Voice Push can reduce the number of contact centre staff employed for outbound campaigns and increase productivity levels by overhauling your method of customer contact and generating significant inbound call levels through Voice Push campaigns.

Call Connect Addition

Call Connect instantly bridges calls from a call centre to a consumer’s mobile device when appropriately triggered, ensuring engagement with an individual right at the point of requirement. Call Connect can be triggered by a range of call-to-actions and is suitable for any organisation looking to improve customer contact, reduce costs and improve overall operational efficiencies.

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