Migrating to a Hosted Phone System

by UK IT Networks


Inspired Energy is one of the UK’s leading independent third-party intermediaries working with commercial, industrial, and public sector energy consumers. Based in Lancashire, Inspired Energy has a workforce of over 200 who serve to provide clients with the perfect utility solutions.

The Challenge

Inspired Energy was facing issues with their phone system, making basic communication between employees and offices a real challenge.

Inspired Energy was battling with out-of-date and dysfunctional phone systems and there was a real lack of consistency across their offices. There were various systems in place including an LG system which was solely used in their Brighton office. This made communicating across sites difficult and reduced the effectiveness of the original phone system.

In addition to this, they were relying on providers who were unresponsive to their issues. When tickets were raised, wait times were long, and reaching a resolution became more demanding, thus making the system even more difficult to manage.

Adding to these already building problems, the business was faced with extra charges for products and services that were either not required or not utilised.

The Goals

Inspired Energy wanted a provider who could migrate their communications onto a single platform. They required a system that would centralise management and support for telephony and improve response times for issues raised. The platform would be implemented across all sites and unify communications between their teams.

The Solution

At UK IT Networks, our top priority for resolving these issues was to provide one system which would improve communications for Inspired Energy’s employees. The solution was an 8×8 Hosted Phone System.

Assessing the state of the current services at Inspired Energy allowed us to make informed recommendations based on their needs. Initially, we migrated a small site of 5 to the new 8×8 platform, once this had settled and became effective, we began a gradual migration nationwide across the rest of the sites.

“With 8×8, our employees can all talk to each other across different sites at the click of a button.”

– Jack Lowe, Infrastructure Analyst

The Impact

The resolution that UK IT Networks were available to provide has resulted in all sites moving onto one platform – 8×8. Communication between national sites has improved, meaning staff can collaborate with ease, and no longer have to utilise different systems to stay in touch. UK IT Networks are proactive when responding to issues – problems are resolved quickly and efficiently. Inspired Energy has also been able to save money by cutting out unnecessary costs and being charged directly for services used and required.


At UK IT Networks, our team can help find the solution for you. We offer a free trial of the full 8×8 platform for you to see how your business can benefit from the features of an 8×8 Hosted Phone System. Get unrestricted access to the full secure cloud-based platform to trial the system. If you would like to find out more about an 8×8 Hosted Phone System please contact us today at enquiries@ukitnetworks.com or call 0344 326 2150 to speak to a member of our team.

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