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What does it mean to Audit a Contact Centre?

Methodical examinations are carried out as part of the auditing operation in contact centres. This highlights areas for improvement in the current operations and flags agents performance. An audit that is executed successfully, will identify areas of opportunity for the business, and the environment, including strengths and weaknesses. It will also benchmark results against best-practice and highlight gaps for improvement.

Why is an audit system an important tool for contact centres?

Employee Behaviour

An audit system gives an oversight of everything in the business at that moment. In a contact centre, auditing regularly can be beneficial to improve the overall performance of staff. The bespoke scoring system allows you to monitor and reward staff as you see fit with extra recognition for those that deserve it. All tiers of staff can view their scores along with managers alike. Everyone is given the same access to the platform, bringing all staff members together, to build morale and strengthen relationships.

Time Management

Maintaining an effective system of internal control enables a business to pursue its objectives. For contact centres, auditing software is a useful tool, because the cloud-based platform allows auditing to be done digitally. The bespoke system cuts the need for physical interference in daily work and allows agents to continue with their duties.

Customer Service

Conducting regular internal audits should improve customer experience. Implementing steps to improve internal practice will incentivise agents which reflects in their treatment of customers. As staff work towards their KPI’s, their practices and behaviour improve which in turn benefits the customer and their experience, thus strengthening the business as a whole.

Benefits of Auditing:

Auditing allows businesses to identify underperforming departments and highlight inefficient procedures. As a result, this gives businesses a chance to address issues before they develop further. 

As well as this, auditing software can save valuable company time. Traditional auditing is time-consuming, and auditors must work manually for certain functions creating a higher chance of human error. Digital auditing software reduces the chances of error, as observations are made without physical disruption. 

Finally, having your business procedures verified by an audit provides credibility which is essential for businesses seeking to raise finance or sell in the future. Successful auditing reassures stakeholders that accounts are free from error or malpractice, strengthening their credibility in the marketplace.

Features of the AuditWise platform:

The AuditWise platform is a quality management and reporting solution, functional for all levels of staff and ideal for any size of business. The main features of the cloud-based platform are:

  • Score Calibration – To ensure consistent and fair approaches to scoring.
  • Powerful Analytics – The reporting suite provides valuable insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Scorecard Builder – Create scorecards quickly and reduce auditing time.
  • Compliance Reporter – AuditWise can help a business to adhere to company policy and industry regulations.
  • Empower Teams – The dashboard, analytics, and reports provide valuable insight into operations, allowing for alerts to be created to prevent minor issues from growing.
  • Engage Staff – The dashboards ensure agents are always kept in the loop, helping them feel like part of the solution.
  • Training and Support – Accounts are overseen by a dedicated manager who can assist with technical support as well as distributing training materials.

Looking for more?

AuditWise has created a solution to the drawbacks of traditional auditing. Onboarding is easy and can be completed through our website. If you’re not sure where to start, AuditWise offers a 30 day free trial of the platform, giving 10 users access to the software. Unlike most competitors, AuditWise charges user licenses for employees monitored, meaning businesses pay only for what they need.

At UK IT Networks our call quality monitoring system with AuditWise is an essential tool for any business that wants to discover actionable insights into agent performance. We offer a range of packages accessible to all business sizes. To find out more information about how AuditWise can help your business, contact our sales team on 0344 326 2150 or email

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