Environmental Sensors

Protect the wellbeing and safety of your organization with real-time all-in-one environmental sensors.

Environmental Sensors

Our environmental sensors monitor changes in air quality, temperature, humidity, motion and noise, in physical spaces. All sensors lend themselves to a wide range of uses. From monitoring air quality in manufacturing facilities, detecting smoking or vaping events in schools, to ensuring that air temperature and humidity is at a safe level in healthcare settings.


Sensors can be used with or without an associated camera or placed in an adjacent, safe-to-record area. The video footage and sensor data synch automatically to provide greater context around changes and events. Each sensor is managed from a secure web-based Command platform or mobile app, and devices can be configured to display the sensor data you wish to monitor. For a faster and proactive response, alerts can be customized, and notifications received in real-time. 

Verkada atmospheric sensor for environmental security
Monitoring Conditions

With 8 areas of environmental measurement, our sensors can detect any change in a room’s conditions. The sensors measure changes in:


    • Temperature
    • PM 2.5
    • TVOC
    • Vape Index
    • Air Quality Index
    • Humidity
    • Noise
    • Motion
Simple Setup

Sensors come online and are configured in minutes with no requirement for VPNs or added software. Users can quickly configure and customize sensors and alerts.

Easy to Use

Users can colour-code sensor readings and data visualizations and access one-click investigations, no training is required.


Access sensors and alert management remotely on any device with single sign-on (SSO) solutions and automated updates.

No Hidden Costs

Hardware includes a 10-year warranty, automatic firmware updates to keep sensors secure and no additional maintenance or support fees.

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Case Study

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the motion sensor detect?
What does the vape detection measure?
How difficult is it to install sensors?
Can the environmental sensors be integrated with cameras?
Can I choose alerts are sent to?
Will I be alerted to readings?
What environmental conditions are measured?
What does the motion sensor detect?

The environmental sensor measures motion with an infra-red reader. Alerts can be sent to contacts when there is motion, and this can be set to certain times of the day.

What does the vape detection measure?

The vape detection senses for smoke, vape and vapour in a 7-foot radius around the sensor.

How difficult is it to install sensors?

Our environmental sensors are installed with just one PoE cable for both power and data, and are connected instantly to your command platform.

Can the environmental sensors be integrated with cameras?

Our environmental sensors and cameras can be linked through the command platform, with contextual cameras allowing for more information about readings and identifying potential causes of anomalous readings.

Can I choose alerts are sent to?

Alerts for different measures and thresholds can be configured to be sent to specific individual contacts.

Will I be alerted to readings?

Yes – alerts can be received by SMS or email. Acceptable thresholds can be set up in the controller and alerts configured to be sent if a reading is outside of this threshold.

What environmental conditions are measured?

Our environmental sensors measure 8 readings: temperature; PM 2.5; TVOC; Vape Index; Air Quality Index; Humidity; Noise; and Motion.

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