How Technology Supports Multichannel Customer Service

by Amy Helliwell

The pandemic has dramatically changed consumer online behaviour and how customers interact with businesses. Online shopping has become the preferred way to shop and consumers are finding new ways to contact customer service teams 24/7 through chat, social messaging and AI technology, such as virtual assistants and chatbots. This shift to digital has tested businesses’ ability to be agile and scale their customer services to meet the increased demand.

Businesses are now under pressure to compete by adopting digital solutions and cloud-based technology to provide personalised, timely and consistent service and build resilience for future digital-savvy consumers.

“71% of consumers want a consistent experience across all channels, but only 29% say they actually get it” – Gladly


Cloud-Based Contact Centres

With face-to-face customer interaction not being possible, virtual contact centres are crucial to the delivery of customer service. Some of the biggest challenges customer service advisors have faced during the pandemic are moving from an office-based to a remote working solution, dealing with calls from anxious customers and technical problems such as a poor phone line or connectivity.

With these increasing pressures, businesses are turning to cloud-based solutions and collaboration tools to improve their customer service and manage their workforce remotely. The number of businesses who have already invested in cloud-based contact centres has jumped from 20% to 80% since 2020 and this will continue to grow.

Cloud-based contact centres offer faster deployment and implementation, security, scalability, team management features, easy upgrades and access to real-time data. Employees can also benefit from the flexibility and balance that working virtually offers, keeping them motivated and happier in the workplace


Managing Team Performance

Contact centre managers are facing unique challenges in the current pandemic, dealing with an increased number of escalated calls, managing performance remotely, providing virtual training and supporting their team’s emotional needs. Many are adapting by monitoring performance through cloud-based solutions and facilitating team interaction using collaboration tools and video software.

Many cloud-based contact centre solutions include reporting suites with in-built call centre analytics to measure agent performance and SLA standards. Call quality monitoring software can also offer contact centre managers a way to monitor team and individual KPIs online through easy-to-use platforms and provide opportunities for dialogue.


Which Cloud-Based Contact Centre is best for my business?


With the growing need for cloud-based contact centres and so many suppliers making it accessible and affordable, it can be difficult to decide which one would be the best for your business. This need has prompted suppliers to come up with creative solutions.

The Connex One Omnichannel platform is a secure cloud-based contact centre enabling inbound and outbound interactions, CRM integration, team management software, reporting and analytics. The platform enables businesses to handle interactions across phone, SMS, email, web, social and live chat recording them directly into the CRM. This enables advisors to pick up where they left off, providing your customers and teams with a personalised, seamless experience.

“Omni-channel customers spend 4% more in store and 10% more online than single-channel customers. For every additional channel they use, customer spend more money” – Harvard Business Review


The Connex One Omnichannel solution offers different pricing options including a free 30 Day Trial which will give you full access to the suite of voice, email, SMS, social media, live chat and dialler services.


Although many businesses will likely return to their offices, some will continue to adopt a hybrid remote working approach. Whether you have already adapted your business for remote working or are looking to do so, most businesses agree that now is the best time to ‘be future-ready.

If you would like to find out how our technology can support your customer service teams or need advice on remote working solutions contact or call 0344 326 2150.

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