Employee Performance and Hybrid Working: How AuditWise Can Help

by UK IT Networks

Employee performance is a key driver in discovering why hybrid working is still beneficial for employers and their business even as we move out Covid-19 lockdown. Research by the BBC – 43 out of 50 top UK companies will continue hybrid working even after lockdown restrictions ease. However, with an increasingly flexible workplace comes the issue of tracking what work is done, who is completing what, and who has the capacity to take on more, that’s where a performance management system can help.

Increasing Productivity and Monitoring Employee Performance Remotely

AuditWise- a cloud-based performance management system, enables you to score and assess anything, and quickly highlight areas of improvement, easily and intuitively. The platform allows a manager to track employee activity without invading their privacy. The auditing software provides valuable insight into employee performance and customer satisfaction. From these results, working with the employee, action points can be generated to improve the employee’s performance for the next review. A constant cycle of review at all levels keeps employees in the loop, helping them to feel like part of the solution. This boosts morale as it satisfies employee self-actualization. The schedule of a regular review allows an employee to build a routine, allowing them to prepare and plan for an audit and work on continual self-improvement.

Distribution of Work and Awards and Reward

AuditWise can monitor employee performance, identify gaps and see where some employees are overworking. The dynamic scorecard builder in AuditWise is adaptable to your business needs. The scorecards help a team engage with a Quality Assurance Process, maintaining a base level of performance. The scorecards provide clear and intuitive reporting, and the interactive design of the pages encourages your team’s engagement.

The results generated from these scores allow management to distribute work more evenly. It can be hard to identify overloaded or underloaded employees when operating remotely, but conducting audits will prevent this, allowing for a more even distribution of work thus improving overall employee satisfaction.

Why is this useful?

These results can be used to inform merit and rewards rather than just punishment for missing deadlines. This makes it a more viable way to reward staff, every level employee can view their score and reasoning for that score thus enabling rewards to be viewed positively because there is a genuine feeling of accomplishment.

AuditWise lets you recognise employees by awarding them medals. The recognition system can be embedded into the platform so that your way of rewarding your team flows seamlessly into the platform.

Monitoring Work Hours

Employers can also look at when people have been sending emails – if it’s regularly when employees aren’t meant to be working – and if new colleagues are integrating well into a team by looking at their engagement on chat software. Could this enable employers to influence a working schedule around the employees most productive hours? What effect might this have on team productivity and morale? Allowing an employee to choose the hours that they know they work best in not only strengthens job satisfaction but also shows the employee that they are trusted. This links back to meeting the needs of the employee which is ultimately what motivates them at work. (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs)

AuditWise enables employees to take ownership. Engaging your agents is essential to see improvements in performance. Monitoring how they perform in real-time and creating actionable insights from these results helps to further drive employee trust.

Create a Culture of Trust with a Focus on Outcomes

One of the greatest opportunities is to create a culture of trust. If leaders micromanage and over-monitor humans, it erodes that trust. Leaders should steer employees to focus on outcomes and specific objectives that need to get done while still having visibility into their daily work plans versus focusing on monitoring their time throughout the workday.


Explaining why you need to monitor employees also helps to build trust. When at home, it’s easy to assume that you will be safe, many have a “why would someone breach my home network” attitude. This laid-back attitude can easily catch employees out because they are still at risk of breaches. Proper auditing tools support compliance, protect from breaches and give prospects, customers, and employees confidence that their data is secure.

With AuditWise, in-built compliance reporting and functionality help improve adherence to company policy and industry regulations. Instant breach alerts can be emailed to the relevant personnel as soon as a scorecard has been completed and a record of all compliance activity can be maintained in the platform. The software also allows you to document remedial action taken against any breaches to reduce future risk, thus making AuditWise a welcome addition to businesses needing to monitor and validate the security of home working.


AuditWise has created a solution to the drawbacks of traditional auditing. Onboarding is easy and can be completed through our website. If you’re not sure where to start, AuditWise offers a 30-day free trial of the platform, giving 10 users access to the software. Unlike most competitors, AuditWise charges user licenses for employees monitored, meaning businesses pay only for what they need.

At UK IT Networks our call quality monitoring system with AuditWise is an essential tool for any business that wants to discover actionable insights into agent performance. We offer a range of packages accessible to all business sizes. To find out more information about how AuditWise can help your business, contact our sales team on 0344 326 2150 or email enquiries@ukitnetworks.com

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