AuditWise Enhances QA Efficiency and Boosts Agent Engagement for a Utility Company

by Jess Parry

The Utilities industry is an increasingly competitive environment in which operational excellence, regulatory compliance and outstanding customer service are all essential.

In this case study we examine our customer’s business transformation journey and how they were able to optimise operational processes and elevate performance with AuditWise as their QA tool. As one of the leading independent providers of connectivity, voice, phone systems, networking and mobiles, it is essential that their customers have a great experience and leave satisfied after every interaction.

What quality monitoring system were you using prior to AuditWise?

Prior to Auditwise, our quality monitoring system primarily relied on an Excel VBA form. It required ongoing maintenance and manual updates, which was time-consuming and inefficient. As our requirements evolved, we recognised the limitations of Excel, particularly in terms of scalability, adaptability, and automation. We also briefly explored an alternative software solution. However, we soon realised that it did not meet our needs as it turned out to be more of a Sales coaching tool rather than a comprehensive scoring system.


What were your original requirements?

Our main requirement was a system that allowed us to easily create and update scorecards. We needed the flexibility in response to changing business needs. By having a solution that offered intuitive scorecard creation capabilities, we aimed to streamline the process of defining scorecard criteria and ensure alignment with our organisation’s objectives. We needed a solution that would be easy for our team to use, without requiring extensive training or technical expertise. It was important to have a platform that offered a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation.


How did you find the onboarding process?

Our account manager’s, have been influential in ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. They have been proactive in checking in with us at every step, ensuring our needs are met and addressing any questions or concerns we may have. During the onboarding process, we had the opportunity to have demos with the developers. These demos allowed us to fully understand the capabilities of the AuditWise platform and how it could be tailored to our specific requirements. The developers were knowledgeable and responsive, providing valuable insights and addressing any queries we had.


What changes have you noticed since switching to AuditWise?

One change we have observed is improvement in agent engagement, leading to more effective feedback sessions and a shift towards coaching and development. Prior to AuditWise, we faced challenges in ensuring that our agents fully understood the scorecards and the criteria on which they were being assessed. This lack of clarity often resulted in feedback sessions focused on simply relaying assessment results. The portal allows our agents to access the questions being assessed and understand the reasoning behind each assessment before the feedback session takes place. This has shifted the focus towards meaningful discussions on areas for improvement and growth.


What benefits has AuditWise provided for your organisation?

Previously, maintaining a VBA form was a time-consuming task that required extensive effort and delays when making changes or conducting testing. However, we can now assess specific elements within seconds and eliminate the need for manual work. This allows us to respond swiftly to business needs, resulting in improved productivity.

Another benefit is the enhanced visibility provided by AuditWise. In the past, managing outstanding corrections and tracking progress was a challenge, often relying on scattered emails and manual coordination. However, with AuditWise’s platform, we now have a centralised system that provides real-time insights into open and closed ‘Actions’. This increased visibility ensures that no tasks slip through the cracks, enabling more effective collaboration and ensuring timely completion of necessary corrections.

Lastly, our agents now have a better understanding of the expectations and standards. This increased clarity has led to more productive and beneficial conversations between agents and my team, resulting in improved performance and customer satisfaction.


How do you find the support from AuditWise?

Unlike many other businesses that collect customer feedback without taking meaningful action, AuditWise stands out by actively encouraging feedback and collaborating with us to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved. Our dedicated account managers, have been instrumental in providing outstanding support. They consistently reach out to us, demonstrating their commitment to our satisfaction. This regular contact not only reinforces the strong partnership we have with AuditWise but also allows us to address any concerns or explore further opportunities for improvement. What sets AuditWise apart is the unwavering dedication of their developers. Regardless of the complexity of our requests, they have consistently gone above and beyond to provide the necessary assistance.

In summary, how would you describe your experience with AuditWise and what it means for your business?

Our experience with AuditWise has been exceptional, bringing tangible benefits to our business. One standout aspect is their genuine and customer-centric approach, which sets them apart from other suppliers. AuditWise’s team not only possesses in-depth expertise in their field but also demonstrates a true commitment to understanding our unique business needs.


Would you recommend AuditWise to other businesses?

Based on our positive experience, I would highly recommend AuditWise to other businesses. I believe it’s a valuable asset for enhancing operational efficiency, driving performance improvements, and achieving quality assurance objectives.

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