Revolutionising Quality Assurance in Recruitment

by Jess Parry

In the competitive world of recruitment, maintaining high-quality interactions with both clients and candidates is paramount. Hunter Philips, a global recruitment specialist in renewable energy, recognised the need to enhance its service quality to improve placement success rates and client satisfaction. The introduction of AuditWise transformed their operations, leading to significant improvements in efficiency, candidate placements and client retention.

The Challenge

Inconsistent Communication Quality: Without a standard measure of interaction quality, recruiter performance varied, impacting candidate and client experiences.

Manual Quality Assurance Processes: Time-consuming manual processes for monitoring calls and emails were inefficient and often missed critical insights.

High Candidate Drop-off Rates: Poor communication and follow-up led to a higher than acceptable drop-off rate of promising candidates.

Difficulty Identifying Best Practices: Identifying what strategies and communication tactics leading to successful placements was challenging.


The Solution

To address the challenges, Hunter Philips implemented AuditWise into their business which provided the following capabilities:

  • Automated Interaction Analysis: The system analysed every recruiter-candidate and recruiter-client call to assess communication quality, sentiment and engagement levels.
  • Timely Feedback & Coaching: Recruiters received timely feedback on their interactions along with suggestions for improvement, enabling immediate enhancements to both communication and sales strategies.
  • Best Practice Identification: The system identified patterns and tactics in successful placements, creating a knowledge base for the entire team.


The Results

Within 6 months of implementing AuditWise, Hunter Philips experienced significant results:

Increased Placement Success Rate: Successful placements increased by 25% thanks to more strategic candidate handling and improved match accuracy.

Enhanced Client Satisfaction: Client satisfaction scores rose by 30% due to more consistent and higher quality interactions.

Reduced Candidate Drop-off: The drop off rate of candidates decreased by 20% as the recruitment team engaged candidates more effectively and maintained their interest throughout the recruitment process.

Streamlined Operations: The time spent on manual quality assurance processes reduced by over 50%, allowing the team to focus more on high-value activities.


The Conclusion

The implementation of AuditWise enabled Hunter Philips to significantly enhance its service quality, efficiency and success rates. This case study illustrates the transformative potential of AI in enhancing recruitment processes leading to better outcomes for clients, candidates and recruitment agencies alike.

If you’d like to find out more information about AuditWise and how it will benefit your business, we’re offering a 30 Free Day trial when you book a call with one of our account managers.

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