Why You Should Choose a Business Mobile Plan

by UK IT Networks

Over the past two years, 5G has become a key driver in moving mobile communications forward. 5G- so-called because it is the fifth generation of mobile technology, is much faster than its predecessors 2G, 3G and 4G, with download speeds comparable to broadband. Could the rollout of 5G across business-mobile networks change the way offices work? According to a report from PwC, less than one in five executives wants to return to the pre-pandemic office – going into a physical workplace five days a week. Business mobiles with 5G capabilities would support a hybrid work system, communications, connectivity and allow employees to work from anywhere.

Flexible Working

Business mobiles support flexible working too, handsets have evolved from traditional texting and calling, and connectivity capabilities are increasing. The emergence of 5G technology has enhanced mobile data connections; reports claim that 5G speeds are comparable to broadband. For a business that operates a hybrid style (between home and the office), business-mobile phones could be a better alternative for allowing staff the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere. Physically they would still be able to work the same, however, their connection would come through a data SIM instead of relying on a Wi-Fi connection.


Whether it’s a smartphone or a rugged phone your business requires, there is a wide range of handsets to choose from. Recently, there has been an uptake in the number of rugged phone users. As high-end smartphones continue to move toward large displays without a bezel, they are perceived as more fragile devices, hence the rugged handset becoming a favourite option for those working in the construction or engineering industry. These devices are designed to withstand damage from water, shock, dust and vibration, therefore making them a suitable option for this industry. Improvements to the design of smart consumer rugged phones have made these devices more attractive without compromising their ruggedness. This makes the devices more acceptable for business and personal use.


In addition to greater flexibility in working, a mobile data connection is more secure. For employees that travel for work, finding a fast, reliable and secure connection can be difficult, but, with a business mobile, they can tether the phone connection to their laptop and continue working whilst on the move. Fortunately, this type of connection is more secure, data sent via a 4G or 5G connection is encrypted and far safer than Wi-Fi – an easy target for cybercriminals.


From a business owners perspective, business-mobile contracts are easy to manage too. All SIMs are on one bill and can be managed in one place. Furthermore, data can be distributed according to usage. For example, a business could have 5 contracts but 2 of those may use more data, in this case, it’s easy to roll data over to those who need it more and cap it for others who use less.


A business-mobile benefits from many add-ons. One example is flexibility in business contracts. Business mobiles benefit from better travel rates and inclusive data roaming (dependent on supplier). If you regularly travel overseas for work, a business mobile could be a great alternative as your personal contract is not impacted thus saving on personal expenses.

Work-Life Balance

Smartphones and mobile devices give us access to constantly check our emails in case of an emergency. However, now we are always connected, it can be hard to strike a healthy work-life balance and know when to ‘switch’ work off. Here is where a business mobile can help. Separating work from your personal phone allows us to create defined barriers between work and personal life. It also helps in building a structure to our day defined by the on and off switch.

At UK IT Networks, we have partnered with Vodafone, O2 and EE to bring you a mobile network built exclusively for the UK business market. Our mobile network packages include flexible tariffs, UK customer support teams and our one-bill solution. Speak to a member of our team today by calling 0344 326 2150 or email enquiries@ukitnetworks.com.

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