Prepare for the ISDN Switch Off

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Prepare for the PSTN switch off with our helpful guide!

BT Openreach plans to turn off the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) by 2025, which means businesses and consumers using PSTN-based services will need to find an alternative.


What is the alternative? Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a solution that transmits voice calls and data using an internet connection.


Get ready for the future of telephony by switching to VoIP before the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is retired in 2025.


Download our guide and learn more about how you can prepare for the PSTN switch off!

What router works with a SoGEA business broadband connection?

We offer hassle-free, preconfigured routers using zero-touch provisioning. Depending on your router requirements are the sales department will be able to recommend the best one to suit your requirements.

Voice Services and Keeping My Number?

SOGEA is a data-only, broadband service whereby it does NOT include a voice service. Therefore, a separate order must be placed with us for one of our hosted or SIP services, if you wish to keep and port your existing telephone number associated with your phone line.

Care levels that support SoGEA?

Care levels allow you to place the importance on the service ‘fix time’ depending on your needs. At present only the standard care level is available however enhanced/premium options will be available later.   Standard Care is available Mon-Fri (0800-1800), 40 working hours, Regional Public and Bank Holidays. Allowable parked.

What is the SoGEA Infrastructure?

SOGEA uses the same technology as current FTTC product. Fibre technology is used from the local Exchange to the PCP (green street cabinet) and then copper from the PCP to the premises.

What are the lead times for ordering a SoGEA connection?

New SoGEA connection is 5 working days. Migrating a SoGEA connection is 10 working days. Modifying a SoGEA connection is 1 working days.

What speeds can be expected from SoGEA?

Current speeds available to order are; SoGEA 40mb download / 10mb upload / Available to 28 Million SoGEA 55mb download / 10mb upload/ Available to 28 Million SoGEA 80mb download / 20mb upload/ Available to 28 Million SoGFast 160mb download / 30mb upload/ Available to 2 Million SoGFAST 330mb download / 50mb upload/ Available to 2 Million

Is their a data cap or a restriction on IP allocation?

SoGEA connections are fully un-metered unless otherwise advised and are provided with a range of IP options.

Availability of SoGEA?

SoGEA is currently available at over 28 million UK premises.

Upgrading from ADSL Business Broadband to SoGEA?

If you are upgrading from ADSL to SoGEA it will be upgraded with us at zero cost for new and existing customers.

Order process for SoGEA?

With SoGEA you have a simplified ordering process = no single line means no more simultaneous line and broadband orders or dual fault journeys.

Response Time and Support of SoGEA?

With a SoGEA connection you can expect a much more responsive resolution time as you’ve got a single solution with a single business broadband provider.

Commercial comparison of SoGEA?

As SoGEA is combined broadband and business line rental the cost is slightly lower than a traditional business PSTN line with broadband.

Can I still order traditional business broadband before 2025?

All traditional single line and business broadband orders will no longer be able to be ordered from 2023.

Why SoGEA now?

As part of the BT Openreach PSTN & ISDN switch off in 2025 all businesses will be required to have a SoGEA business broadband connection. Therefore, it makes sense to order SoGEA now and avoid the expense later.

Why is SoGEA replacing traditional broadband orders?

Previously you were required to have a single PSTN line to order your business broadband upon. BT Openreach moving forward are delivering Fibre Broadband and G Fast Fibre on a single order. This means there is no need for to have a single business line or order a business line separately.

What are the new SoGEA business broadband products that are replacing traditional broadband?

The Single Order business broadband services which are replacing traditional broadband are: FTTP SOGFAST SOGEA SOTAP

What does SoGEA stand for?

SoGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access.

What is the service availability for assured business broadband?

UK IT Networks will provide a target service availability of 99.95% for our core network, so have peace of mind that are Assured connections are highly resilient. The Service Availability relates to the service from the core network to the IP Telephony platforms.

What if I experience an issue with my business broadband?

When faults occur all support calls are dealt with by our UK based support team. Out of hours calls are routed to our out of hours support team which are also UK based. Our customers are allocated a dedicated account manager whom they can route any enquiries through Monday to Friday.

What is it meant by download speed?

Download speed is the rate that information is received over your broadband line. For example, the time it takes to download software from the internet onto your computer is determined by the download speed available.

Is there a minimum term contract?

Yes our minimum term is 12 months but we also offer 24 or 36-month contracts.

What bandwidth does my business need?

Deciding on what bandwidth your business needs is dependent on different factors, such as the number of employees and operations that you carry out (email, online banking, VoIP, downloading and uploading files, remote access, video conferencing, and more). Our fibre FTTC Broadband package is ideal for home workers who require high speeds or small (1-26 users) to medium (26-99 users) businesses. If you’re still not sure which broadband package is right for you please speak to a member of our sales support team 0344 324 8585.

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