The Next-Generation Live Monitoring Solution

by Jess Parry
The VX52 Viewing Station

A dedicated device to quickly and easily view live camera feeds so facilities and security teams never miss out on what’s going on across the enterprise.

Powerful and Compact

The VX52 is our next-generation device that allows 30 camera streams per page (up to ten pages), played back with low-latency, clear quality, and fully customisable layouts to make it as easy as possible to monitor locations. Built on the latest generation of the Apple TV 4K™, the VX52 Viewing Station delivers superior performance in a small form factor that can easily mount behind TVs or monitors.

Active Area

Access Control

Sensor Readings

The Active Area tile allows customers to see the camera which has the most motion. This tile will dynamically switch to the camera that has the most motion in its field of view automatically. This is great for users to easily see where in their facility activity is happening and decide if it is something they need to act upon. There is also a graph at the bottom that shows over time when motion was detected the most.

The Access Control tile shows customers a live list of Access events alongside the camera feed of that event. Door events (opens, Door Held Opens, Door Forced Opens) and badge ins show in a feed with the corresponding camera footage. Customers can quickly see when their employees are going through the building.

The Sensor tile shows customers the current readings of their sensor deployment. Each tile is assigned to a specific sensor and customers can configure which readings to show on each tile. Customers can see if any of their sensors’ readings are abnormal at a glance to make sure they are on top of their facility.

View with Intelligence using Smart Tiles

The VX52 gives greater insight into our deployment through Smart Tiles. Smart Tiles pull data from across the platform of our products, helping guards, security operations staff, and administrators gain greater visibility into their facilities. With the launch of the VX52, the following Smart Tiles are options to configure:

Active Area Tile: This tile switches to our camera in your organisation that has the most motion at any given time. By utilising machine learning on the cameras, the Active Area Tile ensures that viewers don’t miss when and where activity is happening on their grounds.

Access Control Tile: The Access Control Tile overlays a live list of Access events on the camera footage of that event. Door events (opens, Door Held Opens, Door Forced Opens) and badge-ins show in a feed with the corresponding camera footage to easily confirm whether or not there is a situation at the doors.

Sensor Tile: The Sensor Tile shows the current readings of our sensor deployment to check if the facility is running smoothly at a glance. Each tile is assigned to a specific sensor which can be configured to show any sensor value.

Simple to Manage

The VX52 works just like any of our other devices. It can be fully and remotely managed in Command by your company Admins. The setup process is simple, just power it on, connect it to a monitor, and add it to your company via a serial number to get it up and running. Once the cameras, layout, and desired configuration are chosen, the VX52 will start streaming without any interruptions. In the case of a power outage, the VX52 will boot back up to its saved configuration when the power returns without any additional work needed. Furthermore, in the case of an Internet connectivity outage, the VX52 will continue to stream video coming from cameras in local streaming mode.

Supported by UK IT Networks

The VX52 comes with an industry-leading 10 year warranty, software updates, and product support. It’s the next innovative, purpose-built solution that your security team needs.

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