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Collaborate On The Move

Using our range of hosted and mobile solutions, work is no longer a place you go, it’s a thing you do.

Collaborate brings your voice, video and instant messaging into a single application on your home or work desktop. Enabling your employees to have full access to your businesses telephony suite regardless of where they are in the world.

Instant messaging keeps your employees in contact with each other, whilst customer friendly applications such as screen sharing and video calling are all readily available to launch as and when they are required.

Collaborate as a service is the clever softphone application which can replace the traditional handset on desk or work in addition to it. This means all activities are fully reportable and manageable from the hosted management portal.

Quick Benefits Guide

Make Calls On The Move

Mobile Client and Softphone enables you to make and receive calls anywhere

Improved Efficiency

Instant messaging between employees minimises time wasted on email

Screen Share Anywhere

Host conferences with customers or colleagues

Increased Availability

Cloud based deployment has an inherently resilient up-time service level

Business Flexibility

All services including our management portal can be accessed anywhere

Use Our Inbound Call Platform

Using our Inbound Call suite to deliver your business calls opens up a world of opportunities in how you offer your customers their journey into your office. Inbound can host virtual geographic and non-geographic numbers or a collection of both.

Offering you the ability to add network level services including: welcome message, time-of-day routing, call queuing, IVR and call recording all hosted in the cloud. Using a cloud based network platform reduced the capital expenditure of purchasing a phone system and doesn’t restrict you to one geographic location.

Using our mobile app you can re-route call plans and invoke DR on the move. It doesn’t matter whether you have a number of home or mobile users, you are in control how each and every call is routed.

The Key Is Being Mobile

Working with EE, Vodafone, Gamma and O2 we can tailor a mobile solution that works for your business

If a particular carrier doesn’t work for some, why not use all of them. Multi-Net allows business users to roam from our primary network to the other four major networks if they don’t have coverage

The days of no mobile coverage are in the past

Hosted Is Always On The Horizon

If you’ve not already transitioned to a hosted telephony solution then you may be allowing competitors to get ahead of you. Horizon provides businesses the flexibility to deploy their employees anywhere within the world.

Plug-and-play devices literally allow you to unplug from your offices and connect to anywhere there is an internet access without disrupting any of yours or your businesses system setup.

In events such as power-cuts it’s a common occurrence that employees simply go home or to the nearest coffee shop and continue where they’ve left off. Hosted makes this transition as straight forward as making a call. As technology advances make sure you’re not left behind.