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Virtual Numbers

Virtual Number Solution

Using virtual geographic area code numbers, or porting your current 01/02 geographic numbers to our Inbound, SIP or Hosted platform enables your business to explore new avenues.

We have an extensive range of reserved numbers to choose from covering 99% of the UK available for your selection.

Virtual geographic numbers allow any business the ability to have a presence in any geographical location in the U.K. without the need to have a physical line presence.

Inbound calls to your virtual geographic number are charged at a standard landline rate or inclusive within mobile bundles. All virtual geographic numbers provided by us will have full feature access to whichever inbound or hosted platform you choose to host your numbers on.

Quick Benefits Guide


Can be used anywhere from any device. Accessible through our cloud based user-friendly portal

Instant Setup

Numbers can be allocated on the same day. Features including call recording, reporting, inbound routing changes are made instantly

No Capital Outlay

No setup costs enables your business to allocate new geographical numbers as-and-when you need them without the overhead


Inbound Virtual Numbers can be routed to mobiles or landline numbers quickly via the mobile app or online portal

Use Our Virtual Number Call Platform

Virtual geographic numbers on Inbound provides online access to a full range of call routing, monitoring and management tools to empower your business and drive your customer service.

Inbound is packed with features to help manage incoming calls, providing greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and better customer service. From simple call routing through to comprehensive call centre services, Inbound is everything a business needs.

Virtual numbers can be combined with SIP or Hosted to provide a complete voice and DR solution.

Receive Calls Anytime, Anywhere

Virtual Geographic numbers provide solutions to many business problems. Regardless of your business size you’ll be able to improve your customer journey with seamless routing and day / time control

Proactively cater for business continuity with instantly changed call routing plans

Create a local presence anywhere within the UK by operating multiple virtual geographic numbers into your offices

Virtual Numbers Services

Call Queuing – By queuing your calls on your virtual numbers you can keep your callers up to date on the position they are in and give the caller the option to breakout to voicemail, or to an alternative destination.

IVR Auto Attendant – Virtual Number Auto Attendants empower you to build IVR services on screen using our intuitive web portal. IVR services can be tailored fully to your requirements and allow for multi-level menu options to be created easily, with each call leg having all call plan options and network features available.

Call Recording – Fully scalable to any size organisation, large or small, this is the perfect solution for our customers requiring a call recording solution without incurring a capital expenditure cost.