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Collaborate Converged Solution

Collaborate provides a complete solution that works across fixed and mobile and provides a common UC experience across all devices. Additionally, users can move seamlessly from one device to another in real-time; for example, when leaving the office or home desktop and transferring to a mobile device.

Employees benefit from using the most integrated UC tools and your business also benefits from dealing with one supplier and receiving one bill.

Within the UK users can access the Collaborate service from wherever they are located; whether in the office, on the move, or at home, using desktops, tablets or smartphones. The service runs on Windows / Mac desktops and iOS / Android mobiles.

The user interface is intuitive and similar on all devices and users experience seamless continuity when switching between types of device (e.g. leaving home or the office and transferring to a tablet or smartphone in real-time).

Quick Benefits Guide

Collaborate is the solution that works across fixed and mobile and provides a common UC experience across all devices

Instant Messaging

Online chat that is more efficient than email

Employee Presence

Visibility of co-workers’ availability

Video calling

Providing a stronger collaborative experience, especially for remotely-based employees

Desktop Sharing

Webinar from within your Collaborate application

Introducing Collaborate

Collaborate is ideal for businesses that want to improve customer satisfaction as well as lowering and controlling their operational costs.

Collaborate, provides all the features your employees need to quickly check the availability of co-workers and bring them in to ad hoc conferences, which means you can respond quickly and more effectively to customer enquiries.

It will also allow you to better communicate with your customers, using whichever channel they prefer. The result is an improved customer service and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Collaborate delivers all your communication needs in a single package for a fixed monthly price per user. This will help you to lower and control your operational costs.

Feature Rich Application

Ad hoc and planned conferencing: multi-party collaboration using the MyRoom personal conferencing space, supporting desktop and file sharing

The complete hosted cloud-based telephony feature set and service available as a single low cost per user expense, making it manageable for businesses

Collaborate To Communicate

Less Wasted Time: Users can move instantly from one communication channel to another, collaborating with co-workers and improving efficiency and productivity
Improved Customer Service: Integration with hosted telephony means incoming customer enquiries can be routed to the most appropriate employee, who can then check the availability of co-workers and bring them in to the discussion
Agility: The inherent flexibility and scalability of the hosted service means adjustments can be made quickly to support changing business requirements
Low & Predictable Costs: All on-net communication channels and inclusive minutes to UK landlines and mobiles are provided for a simple per user per month price
Reduced IT Overhead: Administration tasks are made simple and users can make day-to-day changes without involving IT support
Common Interface: The user interface for Collaborate is similar on all supported mobile devices and desktops, which enhances the user experience and encourages adoption