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Disaster Recovery

Hosted Disaster Recovery Solution

Any kind of localised disaster that takes your business offline also has the potential to put you out of business. If the incident prevents you from accessing your office location, it might also mean that you’re unable to receive calls routing via your on-site PBX and implementing diverts at short notice can be difficult as many providers can take more than 24 hours to make these changes.

A hosted phone system has the advantage of centralising the management of your entire system in the cloud, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. By accessing the online portal, calls can be easily diverted to alternate locations ensuring no call is left unanswered. Individual staff are also able to manage their own calls by utilising the softphone app, or by using our mobile convergence solution. So whilst your staff may not be able to access your office as usual, the impact to customer service can be minimised.

Quick Benefits Guide

Work From Anywhere

Plug-and-play hardware, Softphone and Mobile Convergence

Automated Failover

Enable pre-configured automated failover for all call routing

Increased Availability

Cloud based deployment has an inherently resilient up-time service level

Business Flexibility

All services including our management portal can be accessed anywhere

Use Our Inbound Call Manager

With over half of disaster-related downtime caused from hardware failure, virtualisation opportunities can reduce your risk. Cloud-based solutions such as SIP trunking can not only replace outdated ISDN technology but can simplify your telecoms environment so that it is easier to manage.

An inbound cloud solution allows you to use your resources efficiently, with no need to continuously upgrade hardware. Numbers are hosted in the cloud, making them available regardless of whether or not the office is accessible. It will also allow you to grow your telephony with your infrastructure, which in turn protects your business against failure due to outdated technology.

Remove the risk of relying on employees to route calls by using an inbound call management service. Our centralised control system can be used for daily call management, as well as in times of disruption.

Calls can be rerouted immediately, without the need to rely on network operators. Business continuity call plans can be remotely activated using an online portal or app. Calls can be diverted or queued if certain lines are busy and automated messages can be added to keep customers updated.

Keeping Your Internet Connected

From high speed business broadband to Fibre Ethernet, there are several options for businesses that we can provide to ensure high speed internet and reliable voice

Offering dual carrier redundancy or dual technology resilience is a blended service we offer as standard. Using HSRP failover we provide mirrored IP addresses across both connections ensuring an automated failover without disruption, should you lose your primary internet connection

The Power Of Mobile, Introducing Connect

Connect brings the features of a deskphone to your mobiles. By combining the flexibility of a mobile device with the services within Horizon hosted, Connect allows your users to be more responsive regardless of where they are.

Calls can still be made in the same way as normal using your mobile device. However, calls to other hosted users can be made using extension dialling. Additionally, the number you present can be an office landline or work mobile. Whilst transferring, recording or reporting on calls is all part of the Connect service.

With Connect empowering your users with all the features they’d benefit from when in the office, work isn’t a place you go, it’s a thing you do.