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Avaya IP Office

Avaya IP Office 

Avaya IP office quite simply, is the phone system that mirrors the growth of your business. As the owner or manager of an SME (small-to-medium enterprise), we understand you have your hands full. Why add upgrading your entire phone system to your ‘to do’ list? The simple answer is; because it’s worth it to you and your business.

The newest edition of Avaya IP Office delivers the collaborative communication solutions your business needs to meet and exceed customer demands for a fast, efficient and coordinated service. No matter what your operational requirements, we have a solution for you; ranging from six handsets up to five hundred.

As an Avaya business partner we not only supply a comprehensive installation, we work with you until you’re confident about every part of your system.

IP Office delivers the collaboration tools you need; from basic telephony to the most sophisticated unified communications. Designed specifically for small and midsize business communications, an Avaya IP Office phone system helps you create a more productive mobile workforce, increase capacity and capabilities as your business grows, gain business and improve customer service efficiencies.

It enables your entire team to connect and collaborate in real-time without limitations, using available and appropriate devices including: smart phones, laptops, tablets, home phones, and office phones.

Features And Benefits

Helping Businesses Grow

Streamlining operations, cutting costs, simplifying hiring and business decisions, enhancing customer service and much more

Reduce Costs

Moving to IP Office can save money. You can expect to see up to 25% savings in operational costs against competitors

Avaya Grows With You

Avaya is scalable to your business needs, supporting from 6 to 500 users

Xima Call Logging

Cradle to Grave Reporting and real-time display software suite keeps your finger on the pulse with the businesses productivity levels

Avaya Accredited Engineers

Supporting our Avaya customers with in-house trained and experienced engineers leaving customers satisfied through support

Why Avaya For Your Business?

Connect your business with clear, reliable VoIP from our Avaya range and join over 26 million users on Avaya IP office across 170 countries.

A leading provider of contact centre, unified communications and networking products and services designed to help enterprise and midmarket businesses increase workforce productivity, customer engagement and customer lifetime value.

You text, chat and use video every day, but voice is often still the center of communications. Nothing is faster, clearer or better at building relationships than a conversation.

Avaya continues to invest significantly in research and the development of market-leading software applications, enterprise telephony and IP technologies, establishing best practices to allow companies, such as ours, to better service their customers.

Using an Avaya IP Office integrated with our VoIP channels and voice assured internet connectivity will provide your business with a robust solution with which to move your businesses telephony forward.

In many cases, companies using Avaya IP Office have found that the savings they make pay for the system in just a few months.

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