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Managed WAN & MPLS

Managed WAN & MPLS Solution

MPLS-based WAN solution that supports voice and business-critical applications across multiple sites.

Our fully managed WAN solution is ideal for businesses with multiple sites that want to improve productivity, increase security and reduce the cost of their overall network.

Businesses are seeing growing demands to support flexible working for their employees and consider the ways in which they communicate such as IP telephony, cloud based applications and unified communications.

Our MPLS-based WAN solution delivers improved performance, unrivaled reliability and effective security. Integrating our IP based telephony solution offers you the benefit of having all your IP and data services provided by a single supplier, making your telephony more manageable.

Whilst traffic contained within the network itself is secure, we can also offer secure cloud internet access when routing traffic in and out of your network by routing all internet traffic via the firewalls in our core network. These devices are provided as fully-managed high availability firewall instances.

With our customer premises equipment installed at every site to enable full end-to-end management of the network, performance can be managed centrally and effectively, meaning we can provide you with network-wide service level agreements (SLAs).

Features And Benefits

Managing Implementation

Fully managed, monitored and administrated by our security professionals. We can take ownership of your implementation

Secure Remote Access

Roaming, homeworkers and secure site-to-site connectivity – your staff can access key business systems and applications without compromising security

Antivirus, Antispyware/Malware

Operating from a database containing thousands of threat signatures means you are protected from a wide range of threats

Application Level Control

Insight and control limits, down to an application level, show which websites your staff are viewing and how much network capacity they’re consuming to boost productivity

High Network Availability

Reliable and resilient for business continuity on our core network and at your office locations

Why Managed WAN & MPLS For Your Business?

We offer the flexibility to quickly and effectively support changes in business connectivity requirements allowing you to add additional sites and increase capacity when your business requires it.

Our advanced network security provides multiple layers of protection against threats. Ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of your intellectual property and customer sensitive information by scanning all traffic.

Application prioritisation offers higher quality voice and video conferencing, along with business critical applications. Allowing your business to continually benefit from uninterrupted access.

Enabling you to scale your bandwidth future proofs your network to meet your businesses growing requirements.

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