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Ethernet Leased Line Solution

We provide Ethernet connectivity to all the UK’s major network operators. Our Ethernet services offer high connectivity speeds via a Next Generation Network (Multi Service Platform) between two or more locations in a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point situation.

Ethernet and EFM (Ethernet First Mile) services are ideal for those who require consistently high connectivity speeds, regularly transfer sensitive data from site to site, or have a high demand for uploads and downloads. Ethernet is now the connectivity service of choice for corporate businesses and public sector organisations that need high performance, flexibility and value for money. If you are looking to future-proof your business then these services are for you.

No Upfront
We’ve structured our pricing so that no capital outlay is required on a 3 or 5 year contract term. Our Ethernet products are suitable for any size of organisation looking for fast and reliable connectivity. With business Ethernet Leased Lines prices constantly reducing, the rental cost of an Ethernet Leased Line connection is minimal when compared to the importance it has to your business.

Reduced Installation Times
Our range of partners allows us to choose the network that is closest to you and therefore on-net. Using an on-net ethernet partner can heavily reduce lead times from the standard quota. Equally, as standard, our high speed business Ethernet products can be delivered in as little as 20 working days for FTTC Ethernet, 30 days for EFM and 60 days for Fibre Ethernet Leased Lines from the point of order.

Ethernet Security
Business Ethernet Leased Lines are inherently secure because they operate as point-to-point services over our dedicated network infrastructure. However, if a connection is provided to the Internet, additional security services can of course be actioned through Firewalls.

Failover Using HSRP
HSRP allows you to seamlessly switch between your Ethernet Leased Line and a failover connection. Using dual network providers or dual product technologies i.e. Ethernet & FTTC, mirrored IP addresses ensure the smooth transition from one connection to the other.

Ethernet Features & Benefits

Reliable and Secure

High-speed Ethernet business connections allow you to converge your voice, data and video across a single network ensuring lower costs

Dedicated High Speeds

Symmetric speeds up to 10Gbps with no interruptions. A fully uncontended Ethernet service guarantees increased productivity levels

6 Hour Resolution

An honest and up-front service level allows your business to operate safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your business covered

Quicker Installation Times

With access to several major UK networks, we’ll always use an on-net provider where available, reducing install times and costs

Auto Failover Connections

We offer automatic failover on all of our business Ethernet connections via dual network providers or FTTC

Scalable through Reporting

We provide comprehensive reporting so you can increase bandwidth proactively in-line with your business needs

Managed Hardware

All of our connections are offered with managed hardware. Traditionally we use Cisco, however with new and upcoming devices we may use alternative managed hardware to deliver the services you require. For instance if your connection is part of an SD-WAN solution

Ethernet Live Quotation Checker

Why Ethernet For Your Business?

41% of small and 75% of medium-sized businesses cite network performance as their biggest communications challenge

Despite this, many SMEs are still relying on standard broadband for business voice as well as data, using consumer targeted, web-based calling services. Many of these services are also contended, meaning that businesses are sharing their bandwidth with others, causing the service to slow considerably at peak usage times. The system is good when it works, but when things go wrong the provider has virtually no back-up plan and the customer has little recourse.

Maybe it’s time your business looked at business Ethernet? Get a quote from the online checker now and calculate the value of a stable, resilient internet connection.

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