Residential Broadband Vs Business Broadband

by UK IT Networks

Fast and reliable broadband is an essential piece in the fabric of any business, but businesses need more than this; reliable support is essential too. Businesses can lose working days each year as a result of a slow internet connection. Just 40 minutes per day of downtime, equates to 21 wasted days per year.


What is business-only broadband?

For most businesses, broadband is an integral part of day-to-day operations. A first-class connection enables businesses of all sizes to stay productive, competitive, and efficient. The connection is a good start, but a reliable connection is where a business will fly.

What is residential broadband?

Residential broadband is personal to your home and shared across the residential area with all broadband traffic running through one route. This connection has always been substantial for households but facilitating new technology such as unified communications (Microsoft Teams, 8×8 Hosted Phone System, Zoom) is becoming harder. Try four different desktop and mobile devices streaming TV and Movies all day combined with working from home; that’s going to hurt the network.

Does every business require specialised broadband, or can you get by relying on your personal residential connection?

In simple terms, yes, you can get by on your residential broadband assuming you have a small team. However, multiple users on one avenue of traffic will impact your operation- this is known as the contention ratio. This is simply how many households are using the same main broadband line as you. If this is limiting your day-to-day practices, a business broadband package is right for you.

In March 2020 broadband and mobile operators saw an increased broadband usage of 8.1% – the largest to date that year. It is suspected that this increased usage came from the launch of Disney+ and the sudden shift to work from home.

What to expect from a business broadband package?

Business-only broadband’s differences stem from how the provider treats data. When an enterprise opts for a business-only connection, their traffic is prioritised and diverted down a separate route – thus experiencing a lower contention.

The benefits do not stop there – the services received are better too. As part of the package they pay for, business customers have access to dedicated support teams, which enables them to price competitively.

There are multiple benefits for business-only broadband users:

  • Customised Packages
  • Seamless Transfer
  • Flexible Contracts
  • Exclusivity – Business to Business
  • Reduced Traffic
  • 24/7/365 UK Dedicated Support
  • Secure and Reliable

For businesses, security is essential. Core networks are secure but how an end-user makes use of that connection is what really matters. The real emphasis is on the dedicated encryption business-only broadband provides, protecting sensitive data and the systems companies rely on.


Switching to business-only broadband is simple.  At UK IT Networks, our business-only network is designed for all business sizes and sectors and supported by our UK-based customer and technical support team. Our Superfast and Ultrafast broadband services offer download speeds of up to 330Mbps meaning your productivity and capacity to embrace new technology are always at the forefront.

Want to find out more about our business-only broadband packages? Speak to one of our experts for more information by calling 0344 324 8585 or email today.

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