Manging your remote workforce

by Amy Helliwell

How to empower your workforce with remote working solutions

As businesses across the globe transition to working from home, we look at the challenges they face and how remote working solutions can help.

Across the world, we are seeing a cultural shift as businesses embrace remote working. Apart from the obvious benefits such as reduced commuting times and a better work-life balance, remote working can also increase productivity, improve business continuity and provide an improved customer service experience.

Although remote working is not for all businesses, over 82% of company leaders are planning to allow their employees to work remotely in some capacity, whether full-time or as part of a hybrid model, splitting work between home and the office. As they make this shift new technology plays a critical role, allowing for virtual connection, conferencing and collaboration.

Communicating and collaborating remotely

Communication and collaboration are at the core of every business whether working remotely or in the office. It is especially important for remote workers, to support their productivity and mitigate the isolation associated with working from home. It is therefore vital for businesses to deploy the right tools, solutions and training to empower workers to communicate and collaborate effectively wherever they are.

Ram Moetamedi, Managing Director at UK IT Networks says:

“2020 has been the ultimate test of a company’s culture and its technological capacity to adapt. Embracing technology which ensures you communicate collaboratively was a choice and now it’s a necessity. Empowering your team with the right tools and the trust to carry out your businesses values is a necessity and no longer a choice.”

Whilst platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams provided vital video conferencing support during lockdown businesses are now looking for a more sustainable longer-term solution. One such solution is a business-only cloud-based unified communications platform which offers a secure, scalable and future-proof online communication tool for business collaboration, combining call, directory, video conferencing, chat and contact centre in a single license. As a cloud-based solution, it is also easy to implement with minimal hardware requirements and offers flexible purchasing options.

Connectivity for remote working

With over 80% of people working from their homes, workers are relying on their traditional home broadband to carry out their tasks. A recent survey showed that 40% of workers claim they waste up to half an hour every day, and 21% up to an hour every day due to slow or unreliable internet connections working from home. Businesses are losing out on wasted working hours and run the risk of interruptions to communications.

As businesses look forward to reopening their workplaces it is important to evaluate the Business Broadband and IT Support they already have in place to ensure a secure, fast and reliable network. Businesses should look to providers who offer exclusive business-to-business only networks and low-cost Ethernet options which support cloud-based applications and provide a reliable service.

In the coming months, businesses need to invest in the necessary technology to build resilience and future growth in an increasingly digital-first world. If you would like some information about how we can support your business with remote working solutions please contact us at or visit our website 

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