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The competition has now closed, but you can still read the submissions below.

“Why did the ice cream truck break down? Because it was driving down a Rocky Road.”

Kerri B

“A penguin is driving along the M6 on a hot summers day when he notices his oil light comes on. He pulls over, gets out of the car and sure enough, it’s leaking oil all over the road.

The penguin drives to the next service station where there is a garage and asks the mechanic to take a look at it. The mechanic says he has a few others to look at first, but if he comes back in an hour he can tell the penguin what is wrong with his car.

The penguin agrees and goes for a walk. He finds an ice cream shop and thinks a big bowl of vanilla ice cream will really hit the spot. He sits down at the counter and starts on his ice cream. Of course the poor fella has no hands so it is rather messy. By the time he is done he has ice cream all over his flippers and mouth – a total mess!

He waddles back to the car garage and says to the mechanic, “Did you find out what is wrong with my car?” The mechanic replies, “It looks like you’ve blown a seal”

“Don’t be silly”, says the penguin. “It’s just ice cream””

Joe K

“I had to get out of the ice cream industry, as much as I like ice cream I just couldn’t work on Sundaes.”

Daren G

“Which football team do ice cream men / women support ?
Aston Vanilla”

George H

“What’s Indiana Jones’ favourite type of ice cream?
Mr Whippy!”

George H

“Mint ice cream must be good at poker because it has so many chips!”

Scott L

“Why is ice cream so bad at tennis?
They have a soft serve”

Scott L

“Did you hear they passed a law banning ice cream?
Don’t worry, it was ruled un-cone-stitutional!”

Mark W

“What is Dracula’s favourite ice cream flavour?


Faye J

“What is ice cream’s favourite TV show?

Game of Cones”

André R

“I got out of the ice cream business. I just didn’t like working on sundaes.”

Sam G

“How does Reese eat her ice cream?

Hayley P

“I wish I had as much hope as the guy driving the ice cream truck around in February…”

James P

“I’m not a big fan of salt bae, but I’ll take a sorbet any day”

Ellen C

“Why did the caramel ice cream call the police?
Because he was A-Salted”

Jess P

“The ice cream and the chocolate chips fell in love. It was mint to be”

Fraser S

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