Partnering with Gamma

by UK IT Networks

What is your role at Gamma?

Nicole is a Business Development Executive at Gamma having started as a Business Account Manager 3 years ago. Her role in the partnership with UK IT Networks is the first point of contact for account queries however she also deals with other queries across the business. Nicole’s day to day includes answering account questions, supplying deals, and working in collaboration with the UK IT Networks sales team.

How would you describe Gamma’s partnership with UK IT Networks? 

There is a strong relationship between Gamma and UK IT Networks and the working relationship is strengthened by a genuine friendship. “I have a great relationship with UK IT Networks. They are incredibly self-sufficient, they get on with work and resolve queries themselves unless they genuinely need our help, and we are always happy to get involved and assist.”

How would you describe your partnership with UK IT Networks?

The partnership is open, honest, and trusting. “I know that anything that is said in meetings or over the phone, will be followed through. We trust each-others word, when we say we will follow up with something we always will and vice versa.”

“Working with UK IT Networks is enjoyable – there is never a time where I feel calls are going to be difficult. I mostly collaborate with sales, finance and commercial. For example, when negotiating products, we always meet in the middle in a way that satisfies our needs, UK IT’s needs and the client’s needs.” 

What makes UK IT Networks different to other partners?

UK IT Networks has strong customer relationships and a genuine motivation to help businesses in the industry. Customer support continues after onboarding, quite often friendships are formed due to frequent contact when working together.

How will the partnership be impacted going forward with UK IT Networks?

As products are released our offering can grow. “With Gamma releasing new products, there is growth potential. UK IT Networks are continuing to expand, hiring internally, which has helped to strengthen their customer support base. We are excited by these prospects and look forward to continuing to build on our already strong partnership.”

Our Values

Approachable | Dedicated | Accountable | Professional | Trustworthy

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