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We’re Real People – Our Story

In 2011 the telecoms company which our company founders were employed by collectively for 15 years, was acquired by a UK network provider. Having committed a number of years managing the customer base between them, it was quite clear this created uncertainty for their clients. Many were not backwards in coming forwards about the upset in their new telephony provider.

In 2012 UK IT Networks was formed. A customer driven venture with the backing of key supplier relationships there was no doubt the business would find success. What started out as a new exciting venture in a small office in Wigan above an accountants, has now blossomed into a well established and respected telephony provider with our head office located in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire.

We pin our success down to never being too proud to get involved. Our founders continue to work at the core of the business and are actively involved in the day to day running: speaking with existing customers, promoting our brand and when things do sometimes go wrong, jumping on the support desk to take calls.

Financially strong and we’ve worked hard to get here. We have no debts, no borrowings and simply started with a vision and lots of experience. It’s this drive that’s built the business to what we have today.

We’re not afraid of change. We know we can’t stand still. We review our products annually and always ask for customers feedback. We’ve tried and tested budget solutions and we’ve had our fingers burnt. The product choices we make are based on resilience and future proofing, as opposed to focusing on driving down costs.

Strategy and Structure. When we started, our strategy was to only find success, although we didn’t know what that looked like. We now have a clear company wide strategy and obtained our ISO9001 / IS027001 accreditation in early 2018 to ensure our standards are continually met.

Our team make us proud. They’re fun, but are also willing to work hard in ensuring they take ownership of what they do. Inherently embedded within our core values is the fact that we always aim to over deliver.

We’re growing. Our last acquisition was in 2018. A well established Cheshire Avaya maintenance company joined our team. We’re pleased to have retained all their staff, offering their customers peace of mind and improving our overall expertise as a business.

Our Company Wide Values – ADAPT


Whether we meet in person or we speak over the phone, no matter if it’s fault or sales related, our business will always be friendly and courteous in how we work with you.

Our customers know they can reach out to us, safe in the knowledge that our teams will do their best to go above and beyond your expectations.


We believe dedication isn’t how long you stay behind work, it’s how committed you are during your normal day. We encourage our team to leave on time and commit to our customers and each other anytime.

Committing to our customers drives each individual to personally deliver. Our account managers continually feedback how you feel we support you.


‘It’s not my job’ is a line that’s banned across our business. Together, we’re accountable for our business credibility. Individually we add our value to the business in the roles we take ownership for.

Managing your customer account is not an individuals responsibility within our business. It’s everyone’s responsibility, including all within it.


The way in which we present ourselves to our customers and colleagues alike is of great importance to our values. We’re not talking about wearing a tie in meetings, we’re talking about doing what we say we will and delivering on-time.

The way in which we present ourselves to our customers is of great importance to our values. We’ve mastered professionalism whilst being fun.


If we are not trusted, we have no business; our team works hard to gain your trust and works even harder to keep it. We’re proud to retain business relationships for years, not months. We like to think it’s because our customers trust that we’ll always continue to deliver for them.

‘If we are not trusted, we have no business’. Our team works hard to gain your trust and work even harder to retain it moving forward.

Our Mission Statement

Deliver honest, personable and supported service throughout our organisation to customers and partners alike
To create a brand that businesses relate to as a company that ‘ADAPTS’ to their requirements
To become the first choice for businesses when they think of a telephony partner

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