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Project Management

Project Management Approach

Over 91% of our customers have their Avaya or Hosted phone system installed or maintained by our support team. This demonstrates that we have the experience to deliver projects from initial consultancy to account management handover.

Project Management starts from the first time we speak with you and is essential to ensuring your installation goes as smoothly as possible. Whether we are looking at a five hundred site hosted solution implementation or a single site Avaya installation, the core principles we work to remain the same.

Ownership is one of the biggest ‘risks’ we see in telephony implementations. Making assumptions at this stage will certainly lead to things being missed and costs being incurred at a later date.

We ensure within the planning phases that our engineers complete detailed surveys and the information that creates the foundations for the scope of work is accurate and approved by all parties.

Quick Guide To Project Management

Survey Project

Complete review of installation site(s), highlighting potential risks and actions

Review Scope Of Work

Ensuring project is clear, concise and deliverable with no unexpected issues

Project Plan & Customer Approval

Planning meeting to agree timescales, deadlines and responsibilities

Implementation To Delivery

Working to our SoW with regular updates on configurations, tests and installations

Training & Sign Off

Installation by accredited engineers, testing and on-site training

Feedback & Account Management

Upon handover we’ll always look for ways to improve our service delivery

Project Management Team

Depending on the complexity of the project we undertake, we will pull together a PM team that are experienced in the solution we’re delivering. Our standard project management team consist of the following key members:

  • Account Manager: Takes ownership to manage communications between all parties
  • Sales Support PM : Ensures Scope of Work is correct manages up to implementation,
  • Certified Engineer: Ensures installation & training is completed to customer satisfaction

For larger installations we would scale the project management team upwards using the same methodology. Additionally, a head of department is likely to lead the project.

Keeping It Simple

Successfully completing a project doesn’t have to be overly complex, regardless of the implementation size

Preparation of a project is where we focus our efforts, ensuring we meet your expectations and deliver what’s mapped out in the planning phases which we’ve agreed with you

Preparing The Perfect Installation

Effectively preparing the Scope Of Work, ensures a more seamless delivery. Any telephony provider can install a hosted telephony solution with some basic configuration and leave you appropriate documentation.

However  we will correctly configure your call queue groups right down to a users individual access rights. By investing the time at this stage maximises your user experience moving forward. Additionally it also minimises risk such as fraudulent access to your phone system.

Implementation is the true start to our sales cycle. We believe our relationship will be based upon making sure we get things right first time and should we encounter any issues, how we resolve them is what’s important to you.

We take pride in how we account manage our customers. It’s ingrained within our business that personal and honest account management is vital to how we work.