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Account Management

How We Account Manage

Every customer is different. Some customers require a quarterly review and would like detailed reporting of up-time on services, performances against service level agreements and new product releases. Others may only want to discuss their account as-and-when there is a requirement to do so.

What’s key to the way we work is ensuring we don’t dictate to our customers how we should account manage. We get a real understanding for how they want us to work with them and use that as the basis for our relationship.

Our account managers are measured on retaining our customers and not on how many meetings they sit in any given month. This gives them the reassurance and flexibility to spend time getting to know you and your company, not just up-selling into your business.

Working To Our Values


Assisting all prospects, customers and colleagues alike


Committing to delivering when and how we say we will


Taking ownership of everything we say we’re going to do


Maintaining high standards throughout our work


Ensuring our customers and co-workers can trust us to deliver

Account Management Standards

The way we work with your business is what makes us different from most other telecoms providers. All of our direct customers are given a single point of contact within our business and our account managers are then trained and empowered to deal with your enquiries in a personable and professional manner.

Understanding Your Business: Your account manager will make a conscious effort to understand the challenges and ambitions of your business and how we can assist in ensuring your telecoms adapt to meet them.

Customised Offering: Our account managers will look to make suggestions of what can be consolidated, updated, or reduced in costs. However, we’re also not afraid to replace our own services if it makes sense for your business.

When To Do Coffee? You can’t KPI your customer contacts with ‘one rule fits all’. We’ll work with you to ensure we’re touching base as often as you want us to.

Performance Monitoring: Our account managers can bespoke business reports that you require for internal use. If you’re required to provide vendor performance stats, we can take this on and provide it for you.

Training As-And-When: All of our account managers will proactively provide training themselves on a one-to-one basis with customers. It’s a daily occurrence that a webinar is in swing. We don’t call that ‘training’ (and therefore chargeable); We simply call it ‘account management’.

Your Business, Our Solution, We Connect

Deliver honest, personable, and supported service throughout our organisation to customers and partners alike

To create a brand that businesses relate to as a company that ‘ADAPTS’ to their requirements

To become the first choice for businesses when they think of a telephony partner

We’re In It For The Long Term

Working with us is not a one time purchase, therefore, it makes sense for our account managers to get to know our customers and build a relationship. We encourage socialising with clients in a professional capacity and aim to be seen as an extension of their existing team.

The last thing any business wants is to dislike their account manager. Whilst, of course, if they are efficient you may think it doesn’t matter. However, imagine a proactive, knowledgeable account manager you trust and enjoy speaking with.

Being personable, charismatic and thinking outside of the box are all personality traits we encourage within our account management team.