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Mobile Convergence

Mobile Connect Solution

With a Mobile device you can now do almost anything. Employees are fast becoming used to working from anywhere, providing they have the facility to do so.

Office desk phones equally have their place; offering the productivity enhancing features such as call recording, extension monitoring, conferencing and call reporting. However, the deskphone can’t be taken with your employees if they need to conduct their business activity away from the office.

Connect Facilitates Employee Productivity
Connect offers your business the ability to converge our hosted telephony system with your business mobile devices. Offering you all the features your phone system has, brought to a user’s mobile, anywhere, anytime.

By streamlining the way your business communications work you’re able to provide employees with the flexibility to work wherever they are. Ultimately improving overall productivity levels and customer service.

If your business provides mobiles to your workforce, Connect is the perfect asset. It can be used by individual users and doesn’t have to be adopted for all mobile devices. With a simple cost-per-user model you can work out your return on investment quickly and easily.

How Connect Works
There are very few UK operators that provide a truly converged mobile offering. Combining fixed line and mobile involves integrating our hosted system with Gamma mobile SIMs. The intelligence being managed within the core network.

With Connect the mobile is just another hosted end-point, just like a desk phone.

Connect Features And Benefits

Control Through Visibility

See call statistics in real-time for all devices, including mobiles; gaining complete control of activity across your business

Call Recording

Calls can be recorded across all devices, helping with training, quality assurance and meeting compliance requirements

Converged Voicemail

A single voicemail for business users regardless of device, allows employees to ensure there is no delay in responding to a missed call

Single Number Presentation

Outbound calls from your mobile devices can present your business number, increasing answer rates and providing a clear numbering strategy

User Friendly

Business mobile calls are made in the same way a user would make a normal call. No data bundle and no mobile app to dial

Improved Customer Contact

With one number for all devices, you can receive all calls wherever you are, ensuring the customer experience is maximised

Why Connect For Your Business?

By combining the flexibility of a mobile device with all the business-class features of our hosted phone system offering, Connect makes your team more productive, your customer service more responsive and your costs more manageable.

  • Advanced phone system features on your mobile
  • Use the native dialer to make calls
  • One number for all devices
  • Present your business number
  • Record all business mobile calls
  • Single voicemail
  • Full suite of call reporting
  • All managed via single web portal

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