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Retail Hosted Overview

In an ever-changing retail market, the need to meet and continually improve the customer journey is more important than ever. We work with retailers of all sizes, from single site to businesses with over 500 sites internationally, we provide a consistent and manageable solution for your centralised support team.

Moving to hosted provides your business a multitude of benefits. From free UK calls to a single management portal. Hosted will drive down costs, improve your support levels and offers business continuity. Implementation of new sites is as straight forward as sending pre-configured handsets. Whilst managing your existing retail estate can all be done online seamlessly.

Unifying a business’ retail estate to benefit customer interactions creates repeat business, promotes positive word-of-mouth referrals and guarantees consumers confidence in high street purchasing.

Retail Benefits Guide

Unified Solutions

Managing a retail estate is made easy through a single portal for your centralised support team

Business Flexibility

New sites can be deployed remotely, configuration changes made in real-time and reporting is seamless

Automated Failover

Enable pre-configured automated failover for each site

Increased Availability

Cloud based deployment has an inherently resilient up-time service level

Inbound For Retail

Use virtual geographic numbers or 03 numbers to revolutionise the way your business takes calls from customers.

Managing multiple opening times, bank-holidays and festive breaks may lead to missed calls and can be costly to businesses. Additionally, not operating multiple lines in each site can lead to engaged calls causing further lost business. Whilst many consumers will use the internet to find the answers, many customers still demand the ability to make a call.

Operating a range of virtual numbers hosted on our centralised Inbound call management platform improves efficiency and offers an easy way to control your global business settings. Adding a uniform inbound call plan to all sites and making the relevant changes to each site where required improves the professionalism of your business and reduces overheads to complete tasks.

Disaster recovery can be built as a standard part of each site. Diverting calls on failover to the nearest site or head office with a pre-connect message advising DR has been invoked will maintain a smooth customer journey. Equally, if a site closed, routing inbound callers to your preferred destination is as easy as 5 clicks.


In terms of impact on our business, UKIT Networks have made a real difference. In determining our customer contact & retail strategy, their products and services have been key to our processes allowing us to become a more productive and efficient business. The ease of use of their systems across our 600 sites has ensured that we have been able to fully incorporate them into our daily operations to become more proactive and maximise the benefits.

The customer service provided by UKIT Networks is exceptional. Their response time to any issues, requests or questions is excellent and the people in the company are a real pleasure to work with.

Managed WAN For Retailers

SD-WAN has rapidly become a preferred solution for retailers looking to improve their network operations whilst meeting the needs to drive down costs.

In an ever changing marketspace retail businesses require the flexibility to scale with their business needs. Having visibility over their cloud applications makes decisions quicker when reviewing new applications and what actions may need taking. The ability to integrate multiple data connectivity types provides a business the ability to ensure adequate service levels can be met across all sites.

Deployment of SD-WAN is zero touch configuration, whilst maintaining your network is a simple ‘in-and-out’ replacement, reducing specialist engineering time and improving efficient resolution. Moving across to SD-WAN couldn’t be more manageable as we can merge your existing data connections into our overall solution, regardless of who provides them.