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Keeping You Connected

For most marketing companies internet access is critical. Cloud based applications being the heart of their business, the ability to communicate with clients and the everyday requirement to collaborate with colleagues means without it there is serious risk of lost business.

We provide high speed internet connections to Marketing companies to facilitate their communications and growth. From fibre to the cabinet to 10Gbps Ethernet circuits, we’ve got your business requirements covered.

In addition to high speeds, the need to always be connected is an offering we incorporate as standard. Providing failover connections using HSRP Cisco technology from your primary to secondary connection, whilst mirroring IP addresses is an automated solution. We can provide secondary connections using different network partners or alternative internet connection types providing dual carrier or dual technology resilience.

Connecting multiple sites or hosting servers in a data-centre. We can connect your sites securely using our SD-WAN solution or providing a point-to-point connection.

Get an instant quotation from our online Ethernet checker and see what high-speeds you can support with a world-class service level agreement.

Marketing Benefits Guide

Dedicated High Speeds

Symmetric speeds up to 10Gbps with no interruptions

Reliable and Secure

Ethernet allows you to converge your voice, data and video across a single network ensuring lower costs

6 Hour Fix TIme

An honest and up-front service level agreement

Quicker Installation Times

With access to several major UK networks, we’ll always use an on-net provider where available, reducing install times and costs

Auto Failover Connection

Automated failover with mirrored IP addresses will ensure continuity of service on a service failure

Managed Hardware

Traditionally we use Cisco, however, with new and upcoming devices we may use alternative managed hardware to deliver the services you require

Report On Performance

We provide comprehensive reporting so you can increase bandwidth proactively in-line with your business needs

Collaborate Through Mobile

In marketing you can be creative, skilled, and passionate from anywhere; it doesn’t have to be just from the office.

Collaborate brings the features of a deskphone to your mobiles. By combining the flexibility of a mobile device with the services offered by our hosted platform, Collaborate allows your users to be more responsive, regardless of where they are.

Calls can still be made in the same way as normal using your mobile device. However, calls to other hosted users can be made using extension dialling. Additionally, the number you present can be an office landline or work mobile. Whilst transferring, recording or reporting on calls is all part of the Collaborate service.

With Collaborate empowering your users with all the features they’d benefit from when in the office, work isn’t a place you go, it’s a thing you do.


We have worked with UK IT Networks now for over five years, we started off with a small lease line which we later expanded due to the very competitive prices we were offered on one of our regular catch up calls. After talking through with our account manager about VOIP  phone systems we had a full and comprehensive demonstration of the phone and portal at our office, we made the decision to switch over to the new system and have been using it for the passed three years.

Since using UK IT Networks we have seen a huge different in the levels of efficiency within our internal operations causing us to see a higher level of performance all round. We are incredibly pleased with the service we get and I would definitely recommend them

My job is made easier knowing that I have their support and expertise behind me

Inbound Client Marketing

Whether it be e-marketing or rebranding, your customers will want to see their return on investment for their marketing activities. Using our Inbound platform, we provide marketing companies with a variety of virtual geographic numbers which they can promote or advertise with on behalf of their clients. This not only shows your clients the ROI success of your quality of work, it also provides you with a longer term relationship as their number provider.

Access numbering information via our friendly online secure user interface. Once logged in, you can build your customers call plans, schedule call reporting and provide your clients view-only access to their own marketing numbers. Go the extra step and advise your clients if they are missing vital calls to stand out from your competitors.

We can allocate any geographic number in the UK, giving you the advantage of supporting your clients strategic geographical marketing campaigns.

Host your own numbers with our Inbound platform. Add a professional network greeting, your own marketing on-hold music and add the ability to work from anywhere. First impressions count. Providing an excellent marketing numbering strategy for your clients only has value, providing you’re meeting those standards from the moment they get in touch.