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Hosted Financial Solution

Meeting financial compliance in an industry that is continually under review, whilst keeping operational costs low can seem difficult. Working with clients in the finance sector, we’ve helped them satisfy the regulatory bodies whilst becoming more efficient in their communications.

Virtual Office unified communications platform comes with company wide private chat, presence detection, softphones, web conferencing, optional video and Apple and Android mobile apps to improve collaboration on any device, anywhere.

A powerful set of business analytics tools provides rich data on your communications activities, service quality and employee productivity.

Virtual Office also comes pre-integrated with leading CRM and ERP solutions such as Salesforce, Zendesk and NetSuite, so it works well with your existing IT solutions

Financial Benefits Guide

Compliant Recording

Our Recording Solution meets PCI DSS compliance

Cost Reduction

A hosted phone system reduces overheads and increases efficiency

Business Continuity

Reliable and resilient with business continuity

Quality Management

Resolve agent performance with targeted coaching


Integrate voice, live-chat and web call backs into your customer interactions

Quality Monitoring Will Drive Results

Reviewing customer interactions within the financial sector can create a fantastic opportunity to engage and motivate your employees.

AuditWise is a quality management and reporting platform designed to help financial businesses. It is the essential tool for any business wanting to discover actionable insights into employee performance. In-built compliance reports and functionality can help you improve adherence to company policy and industry regulations.

With personalised dashboards, employees have full visibility of their own performance and results. Add in the action plan and access to their feedback report and they have full control over their own development.

Remove the need for spreadsheets, have your customer interactions scored using our dynamic scorecard builder. AuditWise’s in-built calibration feature will help you remove subjectivity and ensure a consistent approach to scoring across your organisation.


We recently moved our NGN Platform into the control of UK IT Networks, this has been a great move for our company. Not only has this saved us money on our existing setup but will continue to save us money as we move forward with them.

Off the back of this success, we then worked with UK IT Networks to rip-and-replace 60% of our BT ISDN30 estate, with Vodafone fibre & SIP technology. Not only did this massively reduce our call centre overheads it also gave us a more resilient solution, which of course made our clients happy. What’s ironic about the extra resilience is our SIP lines have never stopped working for us to actively invoke DR. A win/win situation.

The service we have received has been second to none, during a recent issue we had with a rogue inbound number hitting our dialler system and almost bringing our business to a complete stop, UK IT Networks stepped in and setup a new route to isolate the rogue number and allow the genuine numbers to get through, without this we would have lost a significant volume of business.

Engage Through Voice Broadcasting

Voice Push is an excellent way for financial businesses to update their customers and improve the way they communicate whilst reducing overheads. Broadcasting a pre-recorded message to multiple users improves efficiencies at relatively low cost. Introduce an interactive voice menu system which customers can navigate through or be connected to your employees and you’ve created the perfect customer journey.

Payment systems can be added into your broadcast as a way to collect outstanding monies owed. Surveys can be sent post-call to review your user-experience.

Existing financial customers report impressive return on investment using voice broadcasting. Managing costs and tracking campaign success is made simple.