Tanya Rich – Professional Voice Artist

by Amy Helliwell

Tanya Rich is a British voice-over artist with more than 30 years of experience in the voice-over industry. ​She has voiced countless projects for clients in the UK and internationally – including radio and TV commercials, corporate narrations, e-learning, explainer videos, on-hold messages, announcements – and many more. We caught up with Tanya and asked her about her life as a voice artist and how she started working with professional voice-overs.

How did you get into Voice Acting?

I was a session singer, and my Mum had done Voice Overs, so she suggested I got an audition at my (then) local radio station Signal in Stoke on Trent. They thought I had what it took and trained me up.

Why do you enjoy recording voiceovers?

I love the fact that behind the mic you can be anything and anyone. It is all about your Voice Age, not your Real Age. It is the variation in the job, from Interactive Voice Response to commercial, gaming to Corporate explainer. It’s never dull and keeps you on your toes!

What are some of the challenges?

Getting heard by new clients in an overcrowded market. Keeping clients happy, getting producers to realise it is about the Voice recording age, and making sure you keep your voice styles current.

Why would you recommend Voice Recordings? What are the benefits for a business?

To give the right impression from the beginning. To realise that a good skilled Voice Over Artist will understand your brand and give the continuity to customers that they require and deserve.

Tell us about your favourite voiceover work

I actually really love Interactive Voice Response! I really care about the people who call in, and apparently, it shows, which is why I work a lot in that area. I also love any opportunity to flex my acting muscles more. Characters, radio drama, and animation are the most fun things to do!

Are you the voice of anything we may have heard?

Yes, more than likely! I forget most of the time what I have done, which is always a nice surprise when I hear myself. On TV I am the voice of Starplan Furniture, I’ve recently voiced campaigns for Tefal, Historic England, Sky, Hedrin to name just a few. Plus, I am the voice of some huge companies Telephone systems, all in different styles.

What is the process like for you? Describe a typical working day.

Up early, shower, dress, coffee, a bit of foreign TV. Then usually in the office at 9.30. I also run my Voice Over coaching company Richcraft, so I usually start the morning going through all emails, then voicing, coaching, liaising with my other coaches, one of whom is my fantastic Personal Assistant Alicia, and deal with calls, etc. If I get lunch it’s often not till around 3 or 4 pm, then I usually come back to the booth and finish anytime from 6-8 pm depending on events/voice work or coaching.

How can voice recordings be applied in a professional context?

A good voice on your corporate explainer, phone system, commercial, or whatever is possibly the first time your would-be client connects with you, and so you want someone that fits with your brand. With Interactive Voice Response for example it never fails to amaze me that some of the biggest companies can have several people from their offices with different levels of speech, on their phone systems! It’s cheap and does not give the right impression.

How did you find working with us on this occasion?

Very easy, you have a very efficient and professional team, and I was delighted to voice one of your explainers for you recently.


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