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SIP Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

A flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans.
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Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans allowing your business to make calls within Microsoft Teams using SIP trunks to route the calls.

Cost Savings

Your business can benefit from significant cost savings per user when compared to Microsoft’s calling plans and as a cloud-based solution, there is no expensive initial outlay or requirements for additional hardware.

SIP Trunks

We have an in-depth experience of SIP implementations, working with organisations of all sizes. Carrier-level scale and delivery are assured, as is improved voice resilience


Our Microsoft Teams Direct Routing has triplicate entry points into Microsoft Azure allowing for resilience and high availability.

UK-based Support Team

We have full management support, from simple provisioning to our UK-based support teams.

How can we help you?

Below you will find the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently about. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for please contact us.

Questions about SIP Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

Does the SIP MS Teams Direct Routing offering integrate with the Teams mobile app?

Currently there is no integration with the Teams mobile app i.e. incorporating call control elements. However, given Microsoft maintain all signalling and media in Teams when using the app, then external calls will continue to route.

Will there be any knowledge document(s) on the Academy to assist with setting up Direct Routing?

We will provide a Configuration document to support this, although can take no responsibility for the Microsoft environment itself.

How are numbers used allocated to Teams users?

Numbers are configured and managed within then Microsoft Teams customer tenant. The Microsoft environment handles all call control and number management.

Does every MS Teams user still require a Microsoft Phone System licence with SIP MS Teams Direct Routing?

Not all O365 licences need to be aligned to a Phone System Licence, but Yes, every user who requires voice enablement will requires a Microsoft Phone System licence. As an example, a customer tenant may include 1000 users, but you could choose only to enable a subset of those users for PSTN voice, say 800. All users aligned to a Phone System Licence would need to be matched to Microsoft Teams – Direct Routing enablement. In this scenario, all 800 would need to be declared. If these figures, do not align, then some identified users would not be recognised and would be unable to make/receive calls.

Can I deploy SIP Direct Routing for MS Teams internationally?

At present our primary focus in UK based businesses only. However, it is possible to deploy SIP Direct Routing for MS Team internationally with some important caveats. Calls between MS Teams users who are part of the same MS tenant will be on-net calls and therefore FOC. Calls from a MS Teams user based outside of the UK to a UK geographic or UK mobile number will use the available minutes bundles where applicable. Calls from a MS Team user based outside the UK calling a local number (a call from Germany to German number for example) will be charged as an international call.

Is there an international minutes bundle available for Direct Routing customers?

No, there will be a charge for all international calls, these charges can be found on the IP direct off-net rate card or the Call Traffic Prices Tool (filter by IPDC off-net).

Where can I find my call charges for Direct Routing customers?

On the IP direct off-net rate card or the Call Traffic Prices Tool (Filter by IPDC off-net) both available on the Billing page of the Gamma portal.

What happens if I have to completely cease a Direct Routing customer?

We will charge the remaining contract term.

Is it possible to increase and decrease the number of users during the contract term?

Yes, the product is inherently flexible to adapt to the changing business environment. However, within the T&Cs there is a caveat that should you terminate within contract, you must be within 50% of the maximum number of users within the contract term.

Is the minutes bundle pooled across the SIP Direct Routing end point?

Yes, the available minutes are aggregated across all users.

What minutes bundle is available with Direct Routing?

2000 minutes to UK geographic per user, per month on a 12 month term, with an additional 2000 minutes to UK mobile per user, per month on a 3 year term.

What are the Direct Routing contract term options?

There is a choice between 12 months or 3 year contract term lengths. A 3yr contract term includes the UK mobile minutes bundle.

How is Direct Routing priced?

The product is priced per user, per month and depends on the total number of users:

  • £2.50 pu/m for 299 users or less
  • £2 pu/m for 300 users or more

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SIP Microsoft Teams Direct Routing

A flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling plans.

Pricing options for SIP MS Teams Direct Routing and related products

Inclusive Minutes

£4.50 per month

2,000 UK Landline Minutes Per Month

2,000 UK Mobile Minutes Per Month

Simple Integration at Minimal Cost


Bulk User Discount

£3.95 per month

Minimum 300 MS Teams Direct Routing Users

Inclusive Minutes Pooled Across Account

Reduce Expense with Unified MS Teams Voice Solution


Inbound Call Routing Platform


Via our Inbound Platform Manage Your Call Plans

Set Day and Time Routing in Real-time

Set Auto Routing and Access Call Statistics


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