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Global Solutions

Global Hosted Solution

Our Hosted solution helps businesses get their employees, customers and applications talking, making people more connected and productive no matter where they are across the globe.

Our solutions provide unrivalled value for organisations around the world by reducing complexity and cost, improving individual and team efficiency and performance whilst enhancing the overall customer journey.

8×8 is the world’s first Communications Cloud, combining unified communications, team collaboration interoperability, contact centre and analytics in a single, open and real-time platform.

Quick Benefits Guide

Global Solution

Connecting businesses on every continent with a unified communications system

Seamless Management

Quick to deploy and easy to manage, our intuitive platform adapts to the needs of your business


Complies with the industry’s most complete security and privacy regulations

Business Intelligence

Actionable insights from real-time communications analytics to improve performance

Superior Global Coverage & Call Quality

With 15 Data Centers Serving Customers in 114 Countries, local numbers in 83 countries and toll-free numbers in 122 countries our hosted solution is best placed to support your international requirements.

We have a Database of regulatory requirements in 62 countries. Local language support for U.K. English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese and chat translation in 10 languages.

Call quality is delivered via patented geographically routed algorithms across top-tier network servers strategically placed around the globe. Offering crystal clear audio, low latency and lag and delivering a professional user experiences for your business.

International Geographical Virtual Numbers

Appeal worldwide by using an international geographic number or a universal international number pointed back to your business in the UK

Providing geographic numbers in over 100 countries which are terminated back to our Inbound Call Control platform. Offers network level services including, call recording, network queuing and IVR

International numbers are the perfect solution for businesses exceeding the requirements of their international customers 

The Power Of Cloud Contact Centre

Using our cloud contact centre across your international sites provide the following benefits:

  • A global-ready solution
  • Agents only need a phone & browser
  • Routes and manages calls, emails, web and chat
  • Simple to deploy, simpler to use
  • Helps manage agents for better productivity
  • Workforce optimisation and quality management
  • HIPAA-compliant solutions available
  • Integration with your CRM
  • Tight integration with Virtual Office
  • Moving away from CAPEX