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Consultancy & Auditing

Consultancy & Auditing 

As specialists within the telecommunications world, it makes sense to use our experience to provide your services. Our partnering agreements with multiple Tier 1 carriers ensure we don’t offer a ‘one size fits all solution’. Using extensive knowledge within our sector provides us with the scope to deliver a bespoke communications solution that will suit your individual needs.

We will audit your telephony estate and work with you to really understand what drives your business and what holds it back. Unlike your typical ‘cheaper calls = cheaper comms’ sales style, we focus on listening to discover what’s important to you. Having made many telecoms audits, we’ve found that implementing a more fluid solution can in fact make your business more profitable.

Once we’ve obtained the information for our telecoms audit, we will make recommendations of services and network applications which are most suited for you. If we cannot quite fulfil a requirement, we will search the telecoms market to find a suitable partner and only when due diligence is complete will we then suggest them to you.

The Steps We Take

You Talk, We Listen

Based on what’s important to you, we’ll collate a customer case of goals and existing services

Audit Your Estate

Reviewing your current telephony infrastructure, services and contractual obligations

Make Recommendations

Only recommending services to meet your goals and future growth plans


Through openly discussed project management, we’ll aim to over deliver from expectations

Account Management

All customers are account managed one-to-one; you’re investing in the future through us

Importance Of Auditing

Working with you to achieve your business’ future plans is always our primary objective. We ensure that the services we recommend are resilient, scalable and future proof so they don’t hold back your business.

The importance of our audit, in addition to achieving these goals, is to review your telephony estate. Highlighting any services whereby a reduction could potentially be made through cancellation, transferring or porting into cloud applications. Ultimately the key goals are:

  • Maintain a high level of service while retaining the same, if not improved, service levels
  • Reduce costs of telephony services without impacting service levels
  • Offer alternative network options where a saving is made and functionality gained
  • Recognize billing discrepancies
  • Reference any services which may no longer be required

No-Obligation Consultancy

In 2018 we reviewed 100 audits taken place by our account management team to find 57% of businesses had at least one chargeable service which was not required

Furthermore, 23% of businesses were being incorrectly charged for a service they had from their incumbent

Stats based upon the billing information provided for audits 

Why Consult With Us

Upon completion of our time spent reviewing, auditing and providing consultancy we’ll present our review of finding. Our proposal will detail anticipated savings, including advancements to your business and how it will achieve your goals.

We regularly find that we can improve efficiencies, connectivity speeds and productivity levels of your organisation whilst remaining cost neutral or offering cost reductions.

Our commercial summary is based only upon the information provided and is factual. Whilst increasing employee efficiencies will add a commercial output value to your business, if we can not compare it, it would be inaccurate to make assumptions to the value it could add.

UK IT Networks partner with networks including: Gamma, 8×8, Vodafone, BT, Virgin, TTB, Avaya, Cisco and Polycom and will only offer best of breed solutions to our prospective clients.