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Hosted Telephony

Moving To Hosted Telephony

A growing number of companies are discovering the benefits of a hosted phone system. There are many compelling reasons why businesses are moving their telephony to the cloud.

Hosting your phone system in the cloud might seem like a loss of control or security, but in fact can provide your organisation with greater flexibility. You decide the number of channels you require, what features you need and when, where and how resources are deployed.

With hosted there’s no capital expenditure on new expensive hardware and no ongoing maintenance costs, unlike a traditional phone system with an on-site PBX (Private Branch Exchange). Hosted phone systems often provide lower call costs, with free internal calls (including international sites). Fixed and mobile phone services can be integrated, offering even more cost savings.

A hosted phone system offers greater flexibility and scalability. If you want to open a new office branch for instance, a phone system can be operational at the new site within minutes. With a hosted phone system you can keep your existing phone numbers or add new ones. Assign local numbers to sites which are physically located elsewhere. What’s more, as your business grows your phone system can easily upscale to cope with your new demands.

Organisations are naturally concerned about security and fraud prevention, and keeping the phone system in-house might seem like the most secure option. In fact, a hosted phone system can be more secure because it combines security measures put in place by both the phone system provider and your own internal systems.

Features And Benefits

Cloud-based telephony provides your business with speed, flexibility and a cost-effective communications solution.

Seamless Integration

Multi-site organisations can benefit from a single solution across their estate without the requirement for multiple customer numbers

Simple Administration

New users, groups, queues and call flows can be added to your phone system easily as your business grows

A National Presence

Businesses can appear larger than they are by advertising multiple geographic numbers routed back to the same office

Business Continuity

A hosted phone system offers a reliable and resilient solution, with full business continuity features should a site go down through unforeseen events

Cost Reduction

Savings can be made as your IT team doesn’t have to spend time managing and maintaining hardware

Why Hosted For Your Business?

With minimal capital outlay, moving to hosted is a reliable and proven approach to business telephony and cloud communications.

Switching to a hosted solution can offer you immediate benefits including greater flexibility and a cost reduction from your current traditional solution.

Hosted offers a greater level of management and control, improving your businesses productivity and customer service delivery. Using the enhanced reporting and features, a hosted phone system provides will improve your customer journey and consequently lead to a higher return on investment.

As a hosted is cloud based there are no associated PBX maintenance contracts or expensive call out charges to consider. Our hosted solutions are managed from a simple to use web-based portal empowering you to make changes as your business requires them.

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