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Business Calls & Lines

Switching your business’ calls & line rentals is as simple as a paper transaction and the easiest way to reduce your existing telecommunications costs.

Whether your business has ISDN or Analogue services we can transfer them via our BT Openreach account and continue to provide the services with no down-time in the transition.

ISDN was the traditional solution of enterprise telecoms, providing relatively reliable voice and data connectivity. However, ISDN struggles to cope with the demands of the modern agile business.

A lack of scalability makes adding and removing capacity costly and time inefficient. Remote telecoms connectivity for a mobile workforce is impossible to implement and Cost inefficiencies make cost containment extremely difficult.

With the withdrawal of ISDN in 2025, transferring calls & lines is a stepping stone for most businesses. We encourage new customers to transfer their services; to then work with them to review a future-proof solution, such as SIP or Hosted.

SIP can address all ISDN challenges and offer your business a new exciting direction for your telephony.

Features And Benefits

No Obligation Cost Comparison

Auditing your telephone bills highlights any unnecessary services which can be cancelled and provides an accurate indication of what you can expect to save by moving your existing services to us.

Cost Reduction

Switching business calls & lines will establish immediate savings for your business of up to 70%. Proven with a no-obligation cost comparison, saving money couldn’t be easier

Fast Seamless Transfer

We can transfer your existing services to us within 10 working days. Transferring is a simple billing exercise with no physical movement of services

Leading Billing Platform

Access to your billing information and invoicing is all accessible online via our billing platform. User friendly and feature rich, we make reviewing your bills simple

Are Calls & Lines Still Right For You?

Operational success can depend on the speed at which a business can change processes or systems to meet their ever changing market. With this in mind, your telephony solution should be scalable in it’s ability to match the pace.

The inflexible nature of ISDN, which is tied to a phone line, makes it difficult to add or remove capacity as your demand shrinks or grows. Conversely, SIP trunk capacity can be increased quickly and simply.

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