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As technology advances, more and more people are working remotely, making the need to collaborate effectively with clients, colleagues, partners and suppliers ever more essential. UK IT Networks audio conferencing services provide a range of flexible options which help organisations of all sizes to communicate more effectively.

Advanced Functionality as Standard
With ease-of-use recognised as a crucial function, added functions such as enhanced Chairperson Control are quick to set-up and straightforward to use, making the service a cost-effective alternative to operator assisted calls.

Secure and Reliable Conferencing Anywhere, Anytime
Callers enjoy clear and good quality voice from ISDN-based telephony. They do not fall short to fluctuating bandwidth or echo, so often associated with slow connections. Neither do they leave service reliability and security in the hands of the internet. Instead, unsurpassed security and uninterrupted service is delivered through dedicated PSTN lines and Tier 1 primary network servers.

Dedicated Chairperson Control
There is no paperwork and no hassle. You can run Audio Meetings knowing that you are in full control.

From placing callers on-hold until Chairpersons arrival, monitoring, identifying, muting and unmuting callers, to inviting or preventing late comers joining the conference and the ability to end the call immediately with a single click makes your administration straightforward and your management professional.

Features And Benefits

Record and Retrieve

Conferences via a dedicated management portal

Control Caller Types

Chairperson, Contributor and Audience

Multiple Access Numbers

To mobile and International callers

Manage Participants

Via contact list and email invitations

Customisable Prompts

Make use of our Professional voice services

Downloadable Reports

With statistics to make informed decisions

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