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Call Recording

Call Recording Solution

Businesses are always facing new challenges to improve their customer journey and maximise sales. In a highly competitive UK market the customer has more choice than ever to choose which supplier they’re going to use so it’s important to understand the reasons why they make their decisions.

Answering calls in a consistent and exceptional manner can make the difference between retaining a customer, obtaining a new customer, or losing the business in full.

The key benefit to call recording is the ability to review your internal calls and assure that the service and attitude offered by your staff to your customers is consistent with your company’s policy.

Recording calls for compliance, customer service or audit purposes, provides secure online access to file storage and retrieval or call details with comprehensive search filters to play, download or delete calls according to pre-defined login permissions.

Using our call recording facility assists you in training new staff, allows you to monitor calls for quality and assurance purposes and provides comfort in the event of settling an ongoing dispute.

Of course, another consideration is promotional marketing and brand awareness. Are your customers reminded about promotions, new services, and other key benefits each time they call? The best way to know would be to monitor the compliance of your staff.

We work with customers that have found real success with retention and new client sales simply by reviewing and correcting phone interactions using call recording.

Online access to comprehensive live call statistics in addition to network call recording can assist you in call handling, productivity, call patterns and caller behaviour enabling you to make informed business decisions.

Meeting Compliance

PCI DSS Recording Solution

Our Recording Solution meets PCI DSS compliance for complex card-not-present environments. Allowing customers to enter their payment card numbers directly and discretely into their telephone keypad rather than reading the details aloud to the call centre advisor. Keypad tones are also masked and removed from the historic call recording.

Reducing risk and securing sensitive customer payment data takes your business out of scope of PCI DSS.

A reduction in average handling times and first time resolution delivers a clear return on investment and promotes industry leading customer service

GDPR Compliant Recording

Call recording enables an audit trial of consent to communicate with individuals. However, if you record calls for training or monitoring purposes, you must be able to delete recordings on request unless they must be kept to meet legislative requirements.

Our Recording Solution includes improved data security and compliance options to meet GDPR requirements. Prevent overexposure of data by controlling who has access to your recording platform. Customers who request not have their calls recorded moving forward can be added to a database to ensure this happens.

All recordings are encrypted to ensure they are tamper proof. Keeping them secure and compliant should they be required to be sent on.

Retrieval can be made via advanced search parameters including, time, date, caller’s number, called number, user defined flags or a CRM link reference.

Why Call Recording For Your Business?

Recording calls is often seen to be done by larger companies that can financially support the costs associated to doing so. However, our Recording Solution is affordable, feature rich and just as important to the SME as to our corporate customers.

Call Recording benefits can improve staff performance, evaluate campaign success, meet regulatory requirements, evidence transactions and provide reassurance.

If your business is growing then ensure that the system you invest in today has the capacity to meet the needs of tomorrow.

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