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Quality Monitoring Solution

AuditWise is a centralised quality management and reporting solution developed specifically for contact centres. It is the essential tool for any business wanting to discover actionable insights into agent performance.

The easy-to-use web portal provides extensive reporting and dashboard functionality for all levels of staff in your business.

The software has lots of clever features that not only allow you to score your staff but can also assist in performance management, increasing employee engagement and driving customer satisfaction.

Scorecards are so straightforward to build and administrators can easily add staff members and allocate the relevant permissions. Your teams can be set up and ready to be scored in minimal time.

With the easy-to-use interface and dynamic features it could not be easier to set your business up on AuditWise and as the software is platform agnostic, there are no complexities with integration.

We can also visit your business to provide full training and support during the crucial early stages of deployment.

Using AuditWise is a guaranteed way to improve productivity. Coaching your agents to continually improve inline with your business’ customer services standard will increase your return on investment significantly.

Features And Benefits

Scorecard Builder

Our intuitive scorecard builder provides all the tools you need to build highly customised scorecards in one place

Agent Engagement

With a personalised dashboard your agents have full visibility of their own performance and results. Add in the action plan and access to their feedback report and they have full control over their own development

Compliance & Audit

With in-built compliance reports and functionality, AuditWise can help you improve adherence to company policy and industry regulations

Reporting & Trends

The powerful reporting suite provides valuable insight into agent performance and customer satisfaction


Remove subjectivity from scoring using AuditWise’s inbuilt calibration feature, bringing consistency to your contact centre

Why AuditWise For Your Business?

Delete the spreadsheets and manual records and have your scorecards built in minutes using a dynamic scorecard builder. AuditWise’s in-built calibration feature will help you remove subjectivity and ensure a consistent approach to scoring.

Utilising the compliance functionality and reports will demonstrate adherence to company policy and industry regulation, whilst the powerful reporting suite enables you to gain valuable insight into the numerous metrics surrounding agent performance and customer satisfaction.

AuditWise can assist your contact centre in reducing the number of repeat contacts leading to both cost reductions and redeployment of resource. With personalised information and dashboards, AuditWise improves employee engagement by allowing agents to take control of their performance.

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